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Arrianne Aukes was born in a small town in 1986, in the Northern part of Holland.  Both her parents were enthuisastic windsurfers and Arrianne couldn’t wait till she was old enough to start learning. She had her first taste of the sport  when she was eight years old and was hooked straight away.

In 2005 she finished  highschool and went to University in Amsterdam. Living closer to the sea, she was spending even more time on the water.  In 2008 Arrianne decided to take a break from University and made a windsurftrip to Jericoacoara in Brazil. This was her first experience with freestyle windsurfing and she was inspired to learn . As a natural windsurfer and athlete she rapidly progressed. With the determination and commitment she showed in her academic studies she progressed rapidly. Within the first two years she was soon sailing at a high level and keen to feed her competative side by testing herself against her fellow sailors.


After finishing her Bachelor degree in 2009 she decided to dedicate her self to windsurfing with a real focus on freestyle. She gained her first sponsors and with the help of part time jobs funded her debute at the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association). She finished a respectable nineth place and gained valuable experience. Motivated and keen to rise up in the ranking the next year, she spent the following months splitting her time between training and work. In 2011 at the first PWA event of the year in Bonaire Arrianne she shocked the field with a dramatically improved performance and finished in fourth place. as the 2011 tour came to it conclusion she ranked fifth place overall.

In 2012 Arrianne travelled the globe in search of the right training conditions stopping in Brazil, South Africa and Egypt to train for the upcoming competitions.

In Fuerteventura where  the first PWA Worldcup stop was to be held, Arrianne once again showed that she is a truely world class athlete, rising again in the ranks to third place and her first podium finish. Regrettably this was to be the only PWA competion of 2012 but it does leave Arrianne in the enviable postion of third in the world at womens freestyle.

To continue her quest to establish herself in the windsurfing world she made the trip to Turkey and her first attempt at slalom. With the largest turn out for the womens fleet of the year it was a steep learning curve but one that resulted in a 16th out of a fleet of 26.

Throughout Arriannes rise she hasnt forgotten her roots and used her passion and new found status to encourage others into windsurfing by running clinics and offering coaching in her home country.


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