Clinics And Coaching

From a young age I wanted to share my love for windsurfing with my friends and family and discovered that I had the confidence and knowledge to teach. As my journey in windsurfing continued I wanted to use this skill to help not just people I knew but everyone regardless of age gender or experience.

I believe everyone should stand on a board at least once in there life! With my clinic’s and coaching I have the chance to help beginners get the basics , advanced windsurfers to improve and get new people involved.  It gives me a real buzz to watch people progress as well as the perfect oppertunity to meet new people from all walks of life.


​​I give windsurf clinic’s for every level. The clinics are all tailored to the dynamics of the group or individual. They  currently take place in my home country of Holland but with there popularity growing I plan to take them all over the world. with my grasp of several languages i aim to cater for multiple nationalities.

The demand for clinics has increased with my success and I am regularly approached not just by windsurfers. I have catered for corporate days out and am looking to work more closely with local authorities and schools to help introduce windsurfing into the community.

More than Just Windsurfing

A windsurf clinic involves more than just learning windsurfing. Its a platform for me to introduce myself. During the clinics I take the time to get to know my clients I believe that building these relations is an important part of being both a coach and an ambassador to my sponsors and sport.

Past Clinics:

girls camp pro camp