Canarian Islands + new website!

The summer months are always a rollercoaster, hopping from one Island to the other for all the competitions in the Canarian Islands.

I already made quite a lot of windsurf trips BEFORE the Canarian Islands (South Africa, Morocco, Bonaire, Maui, Turkey and Portugal) although my intention was to travel less this year ;-), but O.K, back to the Canaries.

The trip started in Pozo, Gran Canaria. Here was the 2nd stop of the PWA Wave Tour of 2018 held, and this year was a special year. The event existed 30 years, and the government provided equal price money for men & women, which is a first time EVER in windsurfing history. A super good and hopefully inspiring gesture, and it paid off by having the biggest women fleet in many years for a wave event.

I decided to go ten days prior to the event, so I could train a bit before the competition. Pozo is incredible windy, and I’m not used to the onshore conditions of this spot, especially as it’s port tack, my worse side for wave riding. Sadly enough I was suffering a bit from a bad crash on the water, where I hit my head hard (yeah, water can be hard sometimes ;-)). I had to take rest, but I was able to compete. During the event the wind was even stronger than the days before, and I was stacked on my smallest sail. The guys, 20 kg heavier, where on the same size sails, which says a lot about the wind….

I managed to finish in shared 5th in the single elimination, but dropped to a 9th place in the double elimination after I lost of my good friend and fellow freestyler Maaike Huvermann.

The day after the event Maaike and I took the ferry boat to Fuerteventura, to swap our wave gear for the freestyle boards and sails and for the 2nd stop of the Freestyle World Tour. You might not expect it from a windsurfer, but I tend to get very seasick on boats (even on my windsurf board sometimes, to be very honest), so I don’t particularly enjoy those travels.

The first 20 minutes on the freestyle gear feels very strange, after being with wave gear for a while. The straps are in a different position, so I always keep searching for the straps with my feet or hitting my toes! Fuerteventura is a very difficult freestyle spot. It’s mega windy, and it can be very gusty due to the offshore winds. This year however, the wind was a bit unusual. Normally we finish at least one or two double eliminations, but this year the wind was letting us down a bit. We managed to finish a single elimination, where I made it to fourth place. This gave me an overall result of 4th place in 2018, as it was the last women freestyle PWA stop of this year.


After the competition in Fuerteventura I had a few days of ‘holiday’. We traveled to the northern part of the island and scored a quite unexpected, but super nice wave session. It was so much fun, and it was nice to be able to test out my new Duotone sails bigger than a 3.0 size!


After this epic day it was time to get back on the ferry… which took us to the last stop of the Canarian Islands; Tenerife. I like Tenerife a lot, I’m always happy to spend the last two weeks on this island. The village where we live is nice and cozy, there are many nice restaurants and it’s all walkable. Although we didn’t had any wind the days before the competition, the forecast looked promising. And it delivered!

In Tenerife you need to have all your sails ready. It can change so much from one moment in the day to the other, the tides change the conditions a lot and the wind can drop any moment as well. I was prepared very well this year and always had three quivers rigged up. During the event I rigged up everything from 3.4 / 3.7 / 4.0 / 4.2 / 4.5 to 4.7, as it changed every day.

My first heat was against Birgit Rieger. Just before our heat the wind dropped, and although I decided to take my bigger board in the last moment, it was still not enough to plane during the heat. Luckily I got a good forward in at the beginning and managed to ride some waves, and I passed the heat by 0.5 points. I wasn’t very happy with my sailing, but I passed.

Next heat I was up against last year’s World Champion Iballa Moreno, not an easy one to beat ;-). To my surprise afterwards I was leading the heat for almost 10 minutes, before she took over with some super high scoring wave rides. But I was very happy with my sailing; I managed to find all the big waves in my heat, had the highest scored jump of the heat and some nice wave rides. It’s funny, I felt so much better after that heat although I lost, than of my first heat although I won. It’s not all about winning in the end.. , but enjoying your sailing and feeling in good form on the water. 

In the double elimination I was up against my team mate Nicole Bandini, but I managed to win and next up I was against Lina Erpenstein. She is a very good wave sailor and I went in with no expectations, but in the end it was a very close heat with only 1.5 score difference. Finished 7th place, and I was very happy with this result. A good way to end the one and half Canarian Island Tour!

Thanks to everyone for another great time on all the islands. The wave girls, the freestyle fleet, Maaike, Berk, the coffee girls, Cami, Alex and Alexa, all of you!

Now I’m back home, and I must admit, it feels soooo good to be home! Already scored three wave sessions in one week, and today I went out for al little SUP session in the waves.

At the moment I’m working hard on my new website, which is build by ConVident ( a website builder who is very good at surfing online. It will be launched in two weeks, so stay tuned! In the mean time, sorry for the inconvenience on this website, as not all my clinics are up to date and online. You can always send me an email if you would like any more information about clinics and dates.

Ladies Windsurf Camp 2018

Last weekend was my first clinic of the year in Holland; a Ladies Windsurf Camp at Strand Horst and it was just simply SO MUCH FUN.

The weather was in our favour; with lots of sunshine, high temperatures and some nice wind. The clinic started Friday evening at Telstar Surfclub. All ladies gathered around dinner time and we enjoyed a nice meal while we met each other and I gave some information about the weekend. I got a super nice present for all the ladies from a very good friend from Florida. She send me some WIND WOMEN stickers for all of us. As there was no wind on Friday, I decided to already rig up our gear ready for the days after. It’s so important to tune your gear right. We finished the day off with some drinks and went to bed excited for the next day.

Saturday morning we started with some stretching / warming up / yoga for the ladies who were keen for an early morning. We had some tasty breakfast arranged by Telstar Surfclub and a few coffee’s later we started on the simulator to practise on land.

Body position, foot straps, harness, planing jibe, duck jibe, tacks and freestyle tricks, there was enough to learn for everyone 😉

After practising on the simulator we went for a nice windsurf session. The wind was not strong sadly enough, but definitely good enough to focus on the things everyone wanted to learn and to improve!


After two windsurf sessions and lots of improvement and new tricks everyone was tired but satisfied. We celebrated the nice day with some drinks on the terrace, while the sun gave us an amazing sunset performance. In the evening we watched back all the clips we made during the session, to have a better look what went wrong and what went good!

Sunday morning we decided to change the program,  get up early and to get on the water as soon as we could straight after breakfast to catch the wind when it was there. We were lucky and got a good hour of planing conditions in! So nice to see everyone on the water having so much fun, trying new tricks, chilling or blasting around fast.

After a little lunch break we went to the neighbours; Telstar Surf. They gave each of the participants a voucher to spend there, and of course girls do not say no to some shopping ;-). Super nice! Afterwards we were all pretty knackered. We did some more theory on the simulator and finished the amazing weekend off with a yoga session on the beach.

I think everyone was a bit sad of leaving and the weekend to be over, so almost everyone stayed for a few more drinks and some dinner at the restaurant. Must have been a good weekend if people are not running off straight away 😉 I felt so happy and so proud of everyone.. it’s so great to see so much improvement and not just improvement on the water.. windsurfing is so much more than just a sport. You always have to challenge yourself, getting over fears and pushing yourself. And to do this together, with other amazing women who all have a passion for the same sport is just so nice. Thank you all for joining and love to see you all again soon on the water! 

First Wave event of 2018 in Morocco

What a great start of 2018 in Morocco, where they organised the first ever women only PWA  wave event and the first PWA event of the year. And we got absolutely insane conditions!

I arrived a week prior to the event, to get used to the conditions in Moulay and to get some starboard tack sailing in before the competition. We had wind six days in a row and we had completely different conditions every day. From 3.4 overpowered, super light wind or over mast high waves; Moulay delivered it all.

I was very glad I came earlier, as I felt I was improving every day. I stayed in a super nice apartment right at the beach. Moulay is a very little village but they have a few very nice restaurants and places to stay.

Sadly enough I got some bad news from Holland, as my grandmother died very unexpectedly. I wanted to be home for the funeral so I decided to fly back for just a day. Although it was a very sad day, I’m so happy I went home and it felt so good being there together with my family. The day after I came back the competition started.

 All the girls 

The first day of the competition we didn’t have any wind. I was quite happy with that, as I was still pretty tired from the traveling and preferred a day of rest. The forecast looked very promising so we were not worried about getting results in.

The day after looked good and we started with the single elimination. We were running four men’s (or women ;-)) heats, unlike most events were we are sailing one on one. I was up against Lena Erdil, Iballa Moreno and Aurora. Not an easy heat to pass.. and so I was quite nervous. I went out on my 4.7 and 76 liter board and as soon as the heat started I forgot about the nerves and was just enjoying my heat. I managed to ride some really nice waves and caught some big ones, and I managed to pass my heat.

My next heat I was up against Maria Andres, Iballa Moreno and Lina Erpenstein. An even harder heat, but I felt good on the water. I knew I had to step up my game a bit to pass this heat and I wanted to go a bit more vertical on the waves. My second wave of the heat I went for it and got my highest wave score in ever; a 6.35. This was a superb score and I would have only needed a 4 point wave to pass to the semi finals, but I didn’t know this and I kept going big on my waves and didn’t manage to get another alright wave score in. A bit upsetting, but at the same time I was very happy with my sailing in both my heats so I am happy and I hope to do even better next time.


I was in shared 7th place after the single elimination and I was looking forward to the double elimination. The forecast looked huge and I was super excited to compete and sail such big waves, as I never did that in my life. I was scared as well, but figured I might as well sail the biggest waves of my life while there is people watching and when there is a jetski ready so safe my but in case I mess up 😉

The swell got WAY bigger than I thought, with two times mast high ( up to nine meter waves) sets rolling in. The judges canceled it for the day, as it was just to extreme to go and compete. I did go for a free sail in the shore break, which was already mast high, and with sooo much white water every where.


Sadly enough we didn’t get any other day in with enough wind and a not too massive swell, so we only managed to finish the single elimination that week. So, I stayed in 7th place for the first event of the year. My best ever result in waves so I’m happy!

Besides windsurfing I spend my days doing SUP, yoga and just being a tourist in Essaouira, and eating lots of amazing food 😉

From Morocco I flew back to Amsterdam for a few hours, and right now I’m already in Bonaire! The wind has kicked in the day I arrived, and in a few days my Yoga & Windsurf clinic will kick off. Can’t wait. I made a little clip of my time in Morocco which I will put online this week, so stay tuned if you like  to see it.

Ladies Windsurf Holiday Brazil

Jihaaa exciting news! I’m organising a super cool, active, fun, ladies only windsurf – surf – sup – yoga holiday to Jericoacoara in Brazil this year.

Jericoacoara in Brazil has always been a special place for me. This is where I started doing freestyle windsurfing and where my career as a professional windsurfer started. I fell in love with the town, the vibe and the lifestyle of it, since the first day I arrived back in 2008, and have been coming back every year ever since.

This place has so much to offer. It’s windy EVERY day, something that I have not seen in any other place in the world. In the morning it’s good for beginners, when the wind is not so strong yet, and when the wind kicks it’s perfect for intermediate and advanced windsurfers.

With sunrise and sunset it can be perfect for Stand Up Peddling or long boarding, with some nice and clean swell rolling in. The whole town only has sandy streets, so the only kind of shoes you need there are FLIPFLOPS ;-).

The sandy dunes are perfect for an early morning yoga session. The brazilian food is amazing too. Fresh coconuts during or after a surf session, a super healthy Acai bowl as lunch, tapioca and local fruits for breakfast, and rice beans and fresh fish for dinner; this the most common food to eat in a day.

For me Jericoacoara is like my home. I speak Portuguese, have a lot of local friends and know the best spots, places to be and fun parties ;-). That’s why the idea came up to organise a week full of windsurfing, surfing, dancing and more , to share this beautiful place with beautiful and powerful ladies.

But the most best thing of this place is of course; being in the water EVERY DAY!


Date: 19th of November till 28th of November 2018

Where: Jericoacoara, Brazil


  • Accommodation in a beautiful pousada
  • Breakfast (fresh juices, fruits, cakes, eggs, tapioca, bread)
  • 4×4 Transfers from / to the airport (5 hour)
  • Daily windsurf coaching
  • Mangrove SUP tour (inclusive board rental)
  • Longboard session (inclusive board rental)
  • Yoga sessions at the beach
  • Day trip to lagoon
  • Welcome drinks at the beach on arrival
  • A night out (with brazilian cocktail) on the most famous roof party in Jeri
  • Forro dance night (Brazilian type of salsa)



Windsurf Clinic 2018


Wil je graag beter leren windsurfen; in de voetbanden varen, je gijp verbeteren of misschien kun je wel wat hulp gebruiken bij het leren van een nieuwe freestyle move? Geef je dan nu op voor de Windsurf clinic bij Telstar!


WIE:  Voor intermediate en gevorderde mannen, vrouwen en jongeren die beter willen leren windsurfen.
WAAR: Strand Horst, Telstar surfclub
WANNEER: 1, 2 en 3 Juni 2018 van vrijdag avond tot zondag middag.
HOEVEEL: 289 euro inclusief 2 dagen coaching, 2x overnachting, 2x ontbijt, 2x lunch.

De windsurf clinic is voor alle windsurf niveau’s, het maakt niet uit of je in de voetbanden wilt leren surfen, die nieuwe freestyle truc onder de knie wilt krijgen of je slalom gijp wilt perfectioneren. Iedereen krijgt individuele uitleg en hulp dus het maakt niet uit dat er verschillende niveau’s in de groep zijn; in tegendeel, het zal je verrassen hoe leerzaam dat kan zijn.

Als professioneel windsurfer vaar ik mee in alledrie de disciplines van de PWA; slalom, freestyle en wave. Het maakt dus niet uit welke discipline je doet of wat je graag wilt leren; ik ben van alle markten thuis. 😉  Naast professioneel windsurfer ben ik ook een gecertificeerd windsurf instructeur met jarenlange instructeurs ervaring. Door deze combinatie kan ik jou als geen ander net die tips en tricks leren om je windsurf niveau naar een hoger niveau te tillen.

De clinic wordt gehouden op Strand Horst. Dit is een van de bekendste en grootste surf spots van Nederland en ideaal voor zowel beginnende als gevorderde windsurfers door het vlakke en ondiepe water. De clinic is inclusief twee overnachtingen in de splinter nieuwe Telstar Surfclub mét ontbijt en diner. Deze top locatie direct aan het water zorgt ervoor dat we na ons heerlijke ontbijt zo vanaf de Club het water op kunnen, lekker kunnen douchen na afloop, en ook niet verkeerd; een overnachting met uitzicht op het water.

Het weekend begint op vrijdagavond, waar samen eten en bespreken wat je al kunt en wat je graag wilt leren tijdens het weekend. Zaterdag beginnen we de dag met een heerlijk ontbijt, waarna we vervolgens het water opgaan. Tijdens het weekend krijg je ook theorie uitleg, tips voor het optuigen en tunen van je materiaal, er wordt gefilmd en er worden foto’s gemaakt waardoor je extra goed inzicht krijgt in je fouten en verbeterpunten. En natuurlijk ook gewoon voor de gave foto’s!

In de avond wordt er gezellig met zijn allen gegeten,  de dag wordt nabesproken  waarna ieder daarna zijn eigen gang kan gaan. Een drankje drinken en heerlijk wegzwijmelen na een uitputtende dag op het water, spelletjes spelen of gewoon lekker vroeg je bed induiken, het kan allemaal.

Op zondag gaan na een power ontbijt even de spieren losmaken met een yoga sessie (alleen voor liefhebbers!), kijken we door het beeld materiaal van de vorige dag om te kijken waar we die dag op kunnen focussen om vervolgens volledig gemotiveerd het water weer op te gaan!

De clinic kost 289 euro. Dit is inclusief twee dagen coaching, 2 overnachtingen, 2x ontbijt, 2x diner, en foto en video analyse. De clinic gaat altijd door; er is altijd genoeg te leren!

Weinig wind of veel wind, het maakt niet uit voor de clinic. Als freestyler weet ik als geen ander dat er altijd wat te leren valt. Ook kun je bij weinig wind altijd nog een grote plank of SUP huren bij Telstar.

Twijfel je nog? Lees dan de testimonials van deelnemers van vorige jaren:

“Met aanstekelijk enthousiasme, bevlogenheid en glasheldere uitleg weet Arrianne – mijn favoriete surf-coach – de windsurfende medemens enorme stappen verder te helpen. Voor elk niveau, afhankelijk van de individuele leerwensen, heeft ze de juiste aanwijzingen en tevens tips voor optimaal gebruik van eigen materiaal en dat alles in een uiterst gezellige en ontspannen sfeer. Dankzij haar lessen zijn mijn vaardigheden enorm verbeterd en is het plezier in het windsurfen verdrievoudigd!!”  Elisabeth Melchior 

“Plenty of great tips and tricks not to forget the fantastic “core” workout I got from all the laughter. My “ladies-camp” with Arrianne was a wonderful experience”.  Cathy Levesque


“Arrianne is al een topper in de sport, en als docente is ze bevlogen, enthousiast, toegankelijk, gezellig en geduldig en heeft oog voor detail. Ze probeert ieder te helpen met zijn / haar moves en wensen en hopelijk zal ik de volgende cursus de doorgeplaneerde gijp nog eens goed kunnen leren”!!  Claire Jansen 

Cape Town

Three weeks in Cape Town have flown by. Other years I have always been at least five weeks, and with a bad start of being ill the first week, it felt like I just arrived when it was time to pack my bags again ;-).

I had the warmest welcome ever. On my first day I went Stand Up Peddling in the ocean and a pod of dolphins came swimming next to me. So impressive, and so beautiful to see them swimming around my board.

As a professional windsurfer I am always searching for wind & water. Cape Town is one of the most well known winter locations with consistent winds and lots of water to windsurf, surf and SUP in. But as you might have heard already, they don’t have much water to drink anymore.

For the fourth year in a row I spend some time of my winter training in Cape Town. I love the country, the beautiful nature, the food and the the perfect beaches, waves and windsurf spots.

Every day is different; there are so many spots you can go to, and if there is no wind you can go surfing, hiking, wine tasting, SUP, shopping, sightseeing and much much more. I uploaded my latest vlog about a typical day in Cape Town. (did I mention already they also have very good coffee? ;-)).

I went surfing in Muizenberg for the first time this year as well, on a no wind day. It’s quite famous for good and clean waves, but also for their amount of white sharks in the water. At first, I thought I would think of it all the time. But just like with windsurfing, as soon as you are out there with so many other surfers you don’t think about it too much.

Chances are so little. I always compare it with driving a car. Every day there is the risk of a crazy driver causing an accident or crashing in to you, but you can’t be scared of it all day. I went longboarding for the first time, and absolutely loved it. I still prefer to SUP, but as soon as there is a little bit of wind or it’s quite choppy, I prefer to have fun on a longboard. This year I had a 8’2 stand up paddle board and it turns soooo fast and easy, that I had days of supping over five hours a day because I just couldn’t stop. It was so addictive catching waves!

Normally I would write about my trip, new tricks and all that comes along with my life traveling around the world as a windsurfer. But what really made a huge impression on me this time was the water problems they are facing. I had heard of it before I went there, but I don’t think I realised how bad it was until I was there myself so I decided to write a bit about it. Because in the end, as a water women, it’s all about water, right?! 🙂

I’m back in Holland for a few days now, and I have to keep reminding myself to flush the toilet after every visit. (just as I keep walking to the wrong side of the car to get in the car ;-)) That sounds crazy for most Dutch people, it’s not really (or really not) socially accepted if you don’t flush the toilet ;-).

Just to be clear, it’s not that you never flush anymore in CT, sometimes you should flush.. like they explain on this flyer that a restaurant had hung up in their bathroom.

With the freezing cold temperatures outside it’s so tempting to have a super long and hot shower when I get out of bed and my apartment is still cold. But after showering for less than a minute a day for the past three weeks in a row, a five minute shower feels pretty long and satisfying already. We had to put a basket in the shower, so all the water that got wasted while showering we could use again to flush the toilet with.  You would shower with shorts stops (on – off showers) while washing your hair. Most of the time this meant that when the shower was finally getting warm I finished my one minute shower already ;-).

I know there are still some tourists, windsurfers and visitors in the country who don’t want to sacrifice their long showers, their hot tub and other conveniences. Who are on holiday and don’t realise how big the issue is, they can leave again and don’t have to be scared of running out of water. But I hope people will realise that when you have the luxury to fly to another country and are already using the little amount of water they still have, we should together try to spill as little as possible and respect the rules. I feel so blessed to be able to travel so much, and although I know flying around the world is not good either, it feels like the least I can do is respect and create awareness for important problems like this. .

Every person should not use more than 50 liter water a day. To compare, in Holland an average person uses 120 liter water a day (including laundry, dishwashers, gardening, car wash etc). Everywhere in Cape Town you will find posters, flyers and stuff like that to make people aware of the water situation and you hear something about it on the radio every five minutes. I hope the rain season will be better this year and the government will find a solution for this huge problem. It opened my eyes on how much water we use in Holland, and although I highly enjoy my longer showers again it definitely made me even more aware! 


Besides all of this I had an amazing time again in Cape Town. I went wave sailing, free styling on several lakes, stand up paddling, normal surfing, went hiking.. it’s all possible in Cape Town.  It’s freezing in Holland now and it was quite a big temperature difference I was facing. But I managed to do some ice surfing the past few days, which is definitely not the same as real windsurfing but pretty exciting as well.

Here some shots to give a little impression of my three week training.

Yoga & Windsurf clinic 2018

The Windsurf & Yoga holiday combines the exhilaration of windsurfing with the relaxation of yoga – all set in the breathtaking location at Sorobon Beach.

Yoga complements windsurfing and can greatly improve your performance in the water. Windsurfing makes you stronger, but the many hours on the water also causes sore and tensed muscles. Yoga brings this back in balance and helps being focused.

Bonaire, a location well known for delivering some of the world most famous windsurfers, is a place with constant trade winds, amazing crystal clear water and nice shallow  lagoon for learning. A personal favourite destination; there is a lot this windswept island has to offer!

Being taught windsurfing by professional windsurfer and  PWA Vice World Champion Freestyle / Dutch Wave Champion Arrianne Aukes. Besides competing on the World Tour she is also a certified and experienced windsurf instructor who knows exactly how to teach. She will offer you five days of coaching for all levels. So whether you want to crank down those jibes, work on your stance or step up your freestyle to the next level then this is the perfect time to try.

Ladina is a very experienced yoga teacher, and an advanced windsurfer too. She has developed a special yoga program that includes movements, balance and deep stretch exercises  that help to improve your performance on the water. All yoga lessons will take place near the beach,  at a very peaceful location.


Dates:     April 16th  – April 20th 2018

Where:    Bonaire, Jibe City

Who:      Beginner, intermediate & advanced windsurfers who want to improve their windsurfing and combine it with daily Yoga sessions.

What:     Five days of yoga practice and windsurfing coaching, with theory,  video and photo analysis.

Price:     625 euro (Inclusive five days of windsurf coaching and yoga. Exclusive accommodation and gear rental)

Gear:      You can rent the best windsurf equipment at Jibe City at Sorobon Beach. We can make a reservation for you.

Wind:     Bonaire has great wind statistics and for the last years it has always been very windy in April. However we can’t control the wind and in the unlikely event that the wind remains light we might change the program slightly in order to make sure we still get the most out of the week windsurfing wise.

Accommodation:  Accommodation is not included but we highly recommend you to stay at Sorobon Beach Resort. Not only will all yoga lessons take place at this beautiful resort, it is also directly located at Lac Bay, the famous windsurfing bay of Bonaire. You can book through their website or just let us know you have interest in staying and we are very happy to help you with the arrangements.



For a nice impression of the Yoga & Windsurf clinic from last year check out the little video I made of our week:

The refund policy you can check out at CLINICS on this website.

Ladies Windsurf Clinic 2018

Jeeeeee leuk nieuws! Ook dit jaar zal ik weer in samenwerking met Telstar Surfclub een aantal clinics verzorgen.

De eerste clinic is de ondertussen bekende & beruchte Ladies Windsurf Clinic, en deze zal dit jaar plaatsvinden op 25, 26 en 27 Mei 2018 in de Telstar Surfclub bij Strand Horst.



Waar: Telstar Surfclub op Strand Horst

Wanneer: 25, 26 & 27 Mei 2018 – van vrijdag avond tot zondag middag

Voor wie: Voor alle meiden / vrouwen die van windsurfen houden! 

Kosten: 289 euro 

Inclusief: 2 dagen windsurf coaching, 2 overnachtingen in de nieuwe Telstar Surfclub, 2x ontbijt, 2x diner. 



Wil je graag beter leren windsurfen; vertrouwen krijgen op de plank,  in de voetbanden leren varen, je gijp verbeteren of misschien kun je wel wat hulp gebruiken bij het leren van een nieuwe freestyle move? Dan is deze clinic perfect voor jou.

Samen met Arrianne Aukes;  professioneel windsurfer en officieel opgeleid windsurf instructeur ga je het water op en oefen je op datgene wat je dat weekend graag wilt leren. Arrianne heeft al meer dan tien jaar ervaring in lesgeven in zowel binnen en buitenland en vaart al vijf jaar mee in de top op de PWA Tour (het WK windsurfen).

Weinig wind of veel wind, het maakt niet uit voor de clinic. Als freestyler weet Arrianne als geen ander dat er altijd wat te leren valt! Ook kun je bij weinig wind altijd nog een grote plank of SUP huren bij Telstar.

De clinic wordt gehouden op Strand Horst. Dit is een van de bekendste en grootste surf spots van Nederland en ideaal voor zowel beginnende als gevorderde windsurfers door het vlakke en ondiepe water. We zullen verblijven in Telstar Surfclub, die haar deuren afgelopen lente voor het eerst heeft geopend. Deze top locatie direct aan het water zorgt ervoor dat we na ons heerlijke ontbijt zo vanaf de Club het water op kunnen, lekker kunnen douchen na afloop, en ook niet verkeerd; overnachting met uitzicht op het water.

Het weekend begint op vrijdagavond, waar we gaan bespreken wat je al kunt en wat je graag wilt leren tijdens het weekend. Zaterdag ochtend begint met een heerlijk ontbijt, waarna we vervolgens het water opgaan. Tijdens het weekend krijg je ook theorie uitleg, tips voor het optuigen en tunen van je materiaal, er wordt gefilmd en er worden foto’s gemaakt waardoor je extra goed inzicht krijgt in je fouten en verbeterpunten. En natuurlijk ook gewoon voor de gave foto’s!

In de avond wordt er gezellig met zijn allen gegeten, de dag nabesproken waarna ieder zijn eigen gang gaat. Een drankje drinken en heerlijk wegzwijmelen na een uitputtende dag op het water, spelletjes spelen of gewoon lekker vroeg je bed induiken, het kan allemaal.

Op zondag gaan na een power ontbijt even de spieren losmaken met een yoga sessie (alleen voor liefhebbers!), kijken we door het beeld materiaal van de vorige dag om te kijken waar we die dag op kunnen focussen om vervolgens volledig gemotiveerd het water weer op te gaan!


-Lees ook deze posts even voor een sfeer impressie van de weekenden van vorig jaar – 


Meer informatie en aanmelden kan via VOL = VOL dus wees er snel bij!

De clinic gaat altijd door. Lees de voorwaarden over annuleren na betaling op mijn website bij de informatie over clinics.


I started VLOGGING

Well, the title of this blog says it all really… 😉

I started vlogging last month and I have put my first two vlogs online already. The first one is from a session in Brazil, which is more visual than a lot of talking I would say. The second one is about a freezing cold session in Holland when I’m braving the cold winter in five degrees celsius.

It was actually a lot of fun to make them, after I had gone past the awkwardness of filming yourself and talking in to the camera. In Dutch we say ‘het hek is van de dam’ so be aware for the next ones!

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas so if you have any, just send me a message by Facebook or my gmail account:

Hope you enjoy watching!


Thank you 2017 and welcome 2018!

Another year has gone by, and although I am super keen and looking forward to the new year with new adventures, opportunities, competitions and experiences, it’s nice to take a moment and look back to 2017 with all its magic moments.

2017 was another unforgettable year.  I feel very lucky to have been able to visit all those amazing places for competition or training:  South Africa – Bonaire – California – Oregon – Pozo – Fuerteventura – Tenerife – Mexico – Sylt – Brazil. 

Every place has its own charm and magic. Some of those places feel like home, like South Africa, Bonaire and Brazil as I have been there for many years. It’s so nice to feel at home at different places in the world when you live out of your suitcase most of the year!

Still, I love adventure and  exploring new countries, new cultures and windsurf spots is the BEST thing ever! So for me the most outstanding trips of 2017 were my road trip all around the coast of Oregon and my trip to Baja, Mexico.

Oregon was stunning. Nature there is so pretty. It’s green, wide and breathtaking. I have hugged the biggest trees I have ever seen in my life. The water was freezing, but the outside temperature was hot which made your frozen feet burn in the sand within seconds after walking back from a session. Mexico delivered beautiful waves and I had the best wave sailing sessions of my life there.

My most outstanding day of 2017 was in San Francisco and will stick to my mind forever! It was the day I went windsurfing under the Golden Gate Bridge with some friends. The whole scenery was incredible and breathtaking to itself already. Having the whole city, Alcatraz and the bridge as background, while trying to avoid boats, ferries and the biggest cargo ships I have ever seen in my life. I was petrified. And that was before we got company from multiple Humpback Whales for hours. It puts a smile on my face writing about it again. At that moment, I wasn’t even scared, just overexcited of seeing those beautiful creatures and having this unique chance of sharing the water with them.

2017 was another good year of competition. I started off winning the freestyle event in The Gorge with crazy strong wind. Pozo was going off as well, we had over 50 knots while competing and it was a survival. Fuerteventura was a full on week, competing every day and seeing and having such close battles between good friends can be hard sometimes. Tenerife was fun. In Sylt I had bad luck having a jump score missed by the judges which made me loose my heat while I would have climbed up in to the top 8 otherwise. Part of the game.. but pretty upsetting at that moment ;-). The European competition in Brouwersdam was good event again, where I became 3rd.

Another highlight of this year was moving to a new city in Holland called Haarlem. I didn’t know the city at all (and I’m still exploring ;-)) but I fell in love with it. It looks a bit like Amsterdam, but smaller and with less tourists, and it’s very close to the ocean and my two favourite wave sailing spots.

I topped off the year with a trip to Jericoacoara in Brazil. The place where it has all begun for me, and definitely one of my all time favourites. Wind every day, fresh coconuts at the beach and flip-flops and bikinis all day long. I work in a restaurant there, which helps me getting fluent in Portuguese, and this year I was living with a very good Brazilian friend of mine. She was cooking Brazilian breakfast every morning before I would go out for my first windsurf session or to my yoga class. What a luxury!

I have so many good friends there, that it always makes me very sad leaving again. But flying home for Christmas is something that I do every year. When being away so often, it’s nice to get to spend these days together with the whole family and for me Christmas does not feel the same in thirty degrees and a bikini.

The day after I got home from hot and sunny Brazil I caught a cold, but besides that I enjoyed my last week of the year a lot just being together with my family. The last two days of 2017 were windy ones and I couldn’t have wished for a nicer way of finishing the year! I had a very nice wave session at Scheveningen, a beach I normally never sail, and at the last day of the year I had a session at my homespot Wijk aan Zee together with a lot of friends.

Looking back to another year of windsurfing makes me realise how lucky I am to be able to travel and compete all year round. To meet so many wonderful people and to be able to enjoy the purity of life and to play in the ocean most of the days, and I’m super grateful for this.

This year wouldn’t have been possible and special without my sponsors, friends, family, participants, fans and everyone else who supported or helped me. THANK YOU!!!!

And a special word of thanks to a few people. I could not have done this without your help. Albert, Angela, Herman, family Botman, Patrick, Nick, Barry, Debra, Alex, family Mertens, André, Andy, Cami, family de Man, Mart, Carol, Oscar, Marije, Alain, Liesbeth, Trees, Allard, Gian Luca, Annika and Atse. THANK YOU!! 

Enough said, photo’s say more than words. A little impression.







San Francisco & OREGON: