Yoga & Windsurf clinic 2018

The Windsurf & Yoga holiday combines the exhilaration of windsurfing with the relaxation of yoga – all set in the breathtaking location at Sorobon Beach.

Yoga complements windsurfing and can greatly improve your performance in the water. Windsurfing makes you stronger, but the many hours on the water also causes sore and tensed muscles. Yoga brings this back in balance and helps being focused.

Bonaire, a location well known for delivering some of the world most famous windsurfers, is a place with constant trade winds, amazing crystal clear water and nice shallow  lagoon for learning. A personal favourite destination; there is a lot this windswept island has to offer!

Being taught windsurfing by professional windsurfer and  PWA Vice World Champion Freestyle / Dutch Wave Champion Arrianne Aukes. Besides competing on the World Tour she is also a certified and experienced windsurf instructor who knows exactly how to teach. She will offer you five days of coaching for all levels. So whether you want to crank down those jibes, work on your stance or step up your freestyle to the next level then this is the perfect time to try.

Ladina is a very experienced yoga teacher, and an advanced windsurfer too. She has developed a special yoga program that includes movements, balance and deep stretch exercises  that help to improve your performance on the water. All yoga lessons will take place near the beach,  at a very peaceful location.


Dates:     April 16th  – April 20th 2018

Where:    Bonaire, Jibe City

Who:      Beginner, intermediate & advanced windsurfers who want to improve their windsurfing and combine it with daily Yoga sessions.

What:     Five days of yoga practice and windsurfing coaching, with theory,  video and photo analysis.

Price:     625 euro (Inclusive five days of windsurf coaching and yoga. Exclusive accommodation and gear rental)

Gear:      You can rent the best windsurf equipment at Jibe City at Sorobon Beach. We can make a reservation for you.

Wind:     Bonaire has great wind statistics and for the last years it has always been very windy in April. However we can’t control the wind and in the unlikely event that the wind remains light we might change the program slightly in order to make sure we still get the most out of the week windsurfing wise.

Accommodation:  Accommodation is not included but we highly recommend you to stay at Sorobon Beach Resort. Not only will all yoga lessons take place at this beautiful resort, it is also directly located at Lac Bay, the famous windsurfing bay of Bonaire. You can book through their website or just let us know you have interest in staying and we are very happy to help you with the arrangements.



For a nice impression of the Yoga & Windsurf clinic from last year check out the little video I made of our week:

The refund policy you can check out at CLINICS on this website.

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Ladies Windsurf Clinic 2018

Jeeeeee leuk nieuws! Ook dit jaar zal ik weer in samenwerking met Telstar Surfclub een aantal clinics verzorgen.

De eerste clinic is de ondertussen bekende & beruchte Ladies Windsurf Clinic, en deze zal dit jaar plaatsvinden op 25, 26 en 27 Mei 2018 in de Telstar Surfclub bij Strand Horst.



Waar: Telstar Surfclub op Strand Horst

Wanneer: 25, 26 & 27 Mei 2018 – van vrijdag avond tot zondag middag

Voor wie: Voor alle meiden / vrouwen die van windsurfen houden! 

Kosten: 289 euro 

Inclusief: 2 dagen windsurf coaching, 2 overnachtingen in de nieuwe Telstar Surfclub, 2x ontbijt, 2x diner. 



Wil je graag beter leren windsurfen; vertrouwen krijgen op de plank,  in de voetbanden leren varen, je gijp verbeteren of misschien kun je wel wat hulp gebruiken bij het leren van een nieuwe freestyle move? Dan is deze clinic perfect voor jou.

Samen met Arrianne Aukes;  professioneel windsurfer en officieel opgeleid windsurf instructeur ga je het water op en oefen je op datgene wat je dat weekend graag wilt leren. Arrianne heeft al meer dan tien jaar ervaring in lesgeven in zowel binnen en buitenland en vaart al vijf jaar mee in de top op de PWA Tour (het WK windsurfen).

Weinig wind of veel wind, het maakt niet uit voor de clinic. Als freestyler weet Arrianne als geen ander dat er altijd wat te leren valt! Ook kun je bij weinig wind altijd nog een grote plank of SUP huren bij Telstar.

De clinic wordt gehouden op Strand Horst. Dit is een van de bekendste en grootste surf spots van Nederland en ideaal voor zowel beginnende als gevorderde windsurfers door het vlakke en ondiepe water. We zullen verblijven in Telstar Surfclub, die haar deuren afgelopen lente voor het eerst heeft geopend. Deze top locatie direct aan het water zorgt ervoor dat we na ons heerlijke ontbijt zo vanaf de Club het water op kunnen, lekker kunnen douchen na afloop, en ook niet verkeerd; overnachting met uitzicht op het water.

Het weekend begint op vrijdagavond, waar we gaan bespreken wat je al kunt en wat je graag wilt leren tijdens het weekend. Zaterdag ochtend begint met een heerlijk ontbijt, waarna we vervolgens het water opgaan. Tijdens het weekend krijg je ook theorie uitleg, tips voor het optuigen en tunen van je materiaal, er wordt gefilmd en er worden foto’s gemaakt waardoor je extra goed inzicht krijgt in je fouten en verbeterpunten. En natuurlijk ook gewoon voor de gave foto’s!

In de avond wordt er gezellig met zijn allen gegeten, de dag nabesproken waarna ieder zijn eigen gang gaat. Een drankje drinken en heerlijk wegzwijmelen na een uitputtende dag op het water, spelletjes spelen of gewoon lekker vroeg je bed induiken, het kan allemaal.

Op zondag gaan na een power ontbijt even de spieren losmaken met een yoga sessie (alleen voor liefhebbers!), kijken we door het beeld materiaal van de vorige dag om te kijken waar we die dag op kunnen focussen om vervolgens volledig gemotiveerd het water weer op te gaan!


-Lees ook deze posts even voor een sfeer impressie van de weekenden van vorig jaar – 


Meer informatie en aanmelden kan via VOL = VOL dus wees er snel bij!

De clinic gaat altijd door. Lees de voorwaarden over annuleren na betaling op mijn website bij de informatie over clinics.


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I started VLOGGING

Well, the title of this blog says it all really… 😉

I started vlogging last month and I have put my first two vlogs online already. The first one is from a session in Brazil, which is more visual than a lot of talking I would say. The second one is about a freezing cold session in Holland when I’m braving the cold winter in five degrees celsius.

It was actually a lot of fun to make them, after I had gone past the awkwardness of filming yourself and talking in to the camera. In Dutch we say ‘het hek is van de dam’ so be aware for the next ones!

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas so if you have any, just send me a message by Facebook or my gmail account:

Hope you enjoy watching!


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Thank you 2017 and welcome 2018!

Another year has gone by, and although I am super keen and looking forward to the new year with new adventures, opportunities, competitions and experiences, it’s nice to take a moment and look back to 2017 with all its magic moments.

2017 was another unforgettable year.  I feel very lucky to have been able to visit all those amazing places for competition or training:  South Africa – Bonaire – California – Oregon – Pozo – Fuerteventura – Tenerife – Mexico – Sylt – Brazil. 

Every place has its own charm and magic. Some of those places feel like home, like South Africa, Bonaire and Brazil as I have been there for many years. It’s so nice to feel at home at different places in the world when you live out of your suitcase most of the year!

Still, I love adventure and  exploring new countries, new cultures and windsurf spots is the BEST thing ever! So for me the most outstanding trips of 2017 were my road trip all around the coast of Oregon and my trip to Baja, Mexico.

Oregon was stunning. Nature there is so pretty. It’s green, wide and breathtaking. I have hugged the biggest trees I have ever seen in my life. The water was freezing, but the outside temperature was hot which made your frozen feet burn in the sand within seconds after walking back from a session. Mexico delivered beautiful waves and I had the best wave sailing sessions of my life there.

My most outstanding day of 2017 was in San Francisco and will stick to my mind forever! It was the day I went windsurfing under the Golden Gate Bridge with some friends. The whole scenery was incredible and breathtaking to itself already. Having the whole city, Alcatraz and the bridge as background, while trying to avoid boats, ferries and the biggest cargo ships I have ever seen in my life. I was petrified. And that was before we got company from multiple Humpback Whales for hours. It puts a smile on my face writing about it again. At that moment, I wasn’t even scared, just overexcited of seeing those beautiful creatures and having this unique chance of sharing the water with them.

2017 was another good year of competition. I started off winning the freestyle event in The Gorge with crazy strong wind. Pozo was going off as well, we had over 50 knots while competing and it was a survival. Fuerteventura was a full on week, competing every day and seeing and having such close battles between good friends can be hard sometimes. Tenerife was fun. In Sylt I had bad luck having a jump score missed by the judges which made me loose my heat while I would have climbed up in to the top 8 otherwise. Part of the game.. but pretty upsetting at that moment ;-). The European competition in Brouwersdam was good event again, where I became 3rd.

Another highlight of this year was moving to a new city in Holland called Haarlem. I didn’t know the city at all (and I’m still exploring ;-)) but I fell in love with it. It looks a bit like Amsterdam, but smaller and with less tourists, and it’s very close to the ocean and my two favourite wave sailing spots.

I topped off the year with a trip to Jericoacoara in Brazil. The place where it has all begun for me, and definitely one of my all time favourites. Wind every day, fresh coconuts at the beach and flip-flops and bikinis all day long. I work in a restaurant there, which helps me getting fluent in Portuguese, and this year I was living with a very good Brazilian friend of mine. She was cooking Brazilian breakfast every morning before I would go out for my first windsurf session or to my yoga class. What a luxury!

I have so many good friends there, that it always makes me very sad leaving again. But flying home for Christmas is something that I do every year. When being away so often, it’s nice to get to spend these days together with the whole family and for me Christmas does not feel the same in thirty degrees and a bikini.

The day after I got home from hot and sunny Brazil I caught a cold, but besides that I enjoyed my last week of the year a lot just being together with my family. The last two days of 2017 were windy ones and I couldn’t have wished for a nicer way of finishing the year! I had a very nice wave session at Scheveningen, a beach I normally never sail, and at the last day of the year I had a session at my homespot Wijk aan Zee together with a lot of friends.

Looking back to another year of windsurfing makes me realise how lucky I am to be able to travel and compete all year round. To meet so many wonderful people and to be able to enjoy the purity of life and to play in the ocean most of the days, and I’m super grateful for this.

This year wouldn’t have been possible and special without my sponsors, friends, family, participants, fans and everyone else who supported or helped me. THANK YOU!!!!

And a special word of thanks to a few people. I could not have done this without your help. Albert, Angela, Herman, family Botman, Patrick, Nick, Barry, Debra, Alex, family Mertens, André, Andy, Cami, family de Man, Mart, Carol, Oscar, Marije, Alain, Liesbeth, Trees, Allard, Gian Luca, Annika and Atse. THANK YOU!! 

Enough said, photo’s say more than words. A little impression.







San Francisco & OREGON:













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Nice memories from the first ever Familie Windsurf Weekend!

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Familie Windsurf Weekend

Famile Windsurf Weekend

Leuk nieuws! Ik loop al heel lang met het idee rond, maar eindelijk is het zo ver. Volgende maand organiseer ik een familie windsurf weekend, voor alle windsurfende families in Nederland!


Waar: Camping Schuilenburg te Hindeloopen 
Wanneer: 9 & 10 September 2017  
Voor wie: Voor alle windsurf families en natuurlijk ook voor de niet windsurfende familieleden! 
Kosten: 179 euro per volwassene, 299 ouder plus kind. 
Inclusief: 2 dagen windsurf coaching, 1 overnachting op camping Schuilenburg en BBQ op zaterdagavond 

Aanmelden kan via CLINICS en het aanmeldformulier, of stuur een mail naar 

Zelf kom ik uit een echte windsurf familie en heb leren surfen door mijn ouders toen ik jong was. En daar ben ik nog altijd zo dankbaar voor! Tegenwoordig vind ik niets leuker dan met mijn hele familie op het water te staan, het blijft een bijzonder gevoel om zo’n mooie passie te kunnen delen met je ouders en / of broers en zussen.

Toch kan ik me nog wel herinneren dat ik het als kind niet altijd even leuk vond om de tips van mijn vader en moeder aan te nemen. Behalve tips van mijn ouders heb ik vroeger nooit les gehad, en ik vind het nog altijd jammer dat ik pas op latere leeftijd ben begonnen met gijpen en freestyle trucs.

Daarnaast kende ik niet veel andere meisjes van mijn leeftijd die ook windsurften. De windsurf vrienden die ik had toen ik jong was, zijn nog steeds mijn beste surf maatjes.

Ondertussen vaar ik al sinds 2010 mee in de PWA World Tour; ik ben gespecialiseerd in freestyle maar mag mezelf ook Nederlands Kampioen Wave noemen en heb ook op internationaal niveau meegevaren in de slalom discipline. Naast professioneel windsurfer ben ik ook een officieel opgeleid windsurf instructeur met meer dan tien jaar ervaring in lesgeven in zowel binnen en buitenland.

Dit had ik nooit kunnen bereiken zonder mijn ouders, en daarom vind ik het geweldig om kinderen en ouders te stimuleren om beter te leren windsurfen en plezier met elkaar te hebben op het water.

Kinderen leren ontzettend snel, en windsurfen met andere kinderen is een grote stimulans. En ouders, er gaat ooit een moment komen dat je kind je voorbij vaart, maar dat duurt hopelijk nog vele jaren. Daar gaan we dit weekend in ieder geval hard aan werken. Of je nou beter wilt leren gijpen, in de voetbanden wilt leren staan, of trucjes wilt leren; alles is mogelijk.

Weinig wind of veel wind, het maakt niet uit voor de clinic. Als freestyler weet ik als geen ander dat er altijd wat te leren valt! Natuurlijk is harde wind heel leuk, maar uiteindelijk leer je het meeste op de kant. Tijdens het weekend krijg je daarom ook theorie uitleg, tips voor het optuigen en tunen van je materiaal, oefenen we met een simulator, wordt er gefilmd en worden er foto’s gemaakt waardoor je goed inzicht krijgt in je fouten en verbeterpunten. En natuurlijk ook gewoon voor de gave (familie) foto’s!

De clinic start op zaterdag ochtend en duurt tot zondag middag. Op zaterdagavond is er een BBQ en eten we gezellig met zijn allen. Op zondag eindigen we het weekend met een yoga sessie om de spieren weer wat los te maken (alleen voor de liefhebbers!). Voor de jongsten zijn er een aantal I rig’s beschikbaar (ultra licht surf setje) en ook is er een grote familie SUP voor wat extra plezier op het water.




Tot dan! 

Arrianne ( inclusief vader & moeder uiteraard! ) 


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4th place PWA Freestyle 2017

The PWA Fuerteventura is done and dusted!

Our one and only PWA freestyle event of the year is over and I made it to 4th place!! Fuerteventura was on fire. It has been such a cool week, competing every day on 3.6 with some proper swell and watching the action of other competitors.

A funnel during my heat. Photo by Jan Cas Smit.

As this was the only women event of the year, 4th place is also my overall ranking for 2017. The judges were pushing for at least two double eliminations for us to make the result as fair as possible. Fuerteventura is a very difficult spot to sail, and I knew upfront that I have a disadvantage in this spot doing all my regular ducking moves (high scoring moves like Kono) on the way out, which makes it really hard for me to land those moves. But, I do really love to compete in Fuerteventura with it’s guaranteed strong wind and waves.

After the PWA wave event in Gran Canaria I already had a few freestyle sessions in Pozo with my new freestyle sails and I loved them straight away. I arrived in Fuerteventura a week before the start of the competition. Its funny how I always tend to forget how difficult Fuerteventura is when I come back the year after, and when you arrive at the spot it looks pretty easy and nice for freestyle. Well, appearances are deceptive! So it was good to get some days of sailing in, to get the feeling for the spot again and to feel comfortable in the strong winds again. Luckily I had some good strong wind training these past few months; sailing in the Gorge and on the Oregon coast in the US, and during the Pozo wave event. And, this year North Sails made a 3.6 freestyle sail which I used in nearly all my heats and has helped me a lot. Thank you North Sails!

Two days before the start of the competition I had some rest, to make sure my body was fit and ready for five days of action!

After registration we started straight away with the competition. I was using my 86 liter SKATE, 18cm MUF PRO 2 fin and my 3.6 IDOL sail. In the first single elimination I became fourth, after facing SQ in the quarter finals and Maaike in the losers final. In the first double elimination I had to win of Maaike in order to try to fight back and make it in to the top three. But Maaike is known for not sailing well in the single and then fighting her way up to 2nd place again and that is exactly what she did again this year. She won against me, so I was out and still in fourth place without being able to fight for third place. But I was happy with my sailing and we still had a lot of days to come! 

Every day at 10:30 was skippers meeting. The day before the start of the competition I moved in to the Gorriones hotel with Maaike, which was very convenient. We had pretty long days, being often at the beach from 10AM till 7PM with 40 knots of wind.  So it was pretty nice to come home after a day of competing, have a shower and just to sit down and have dinner without having to do shopping, cook or clean up! I think we went to bed between 10 and 11PM every day, being completely exhausted from sailing, waiting, and nerves.

In our second single elimination I made it to 3rd place after losing from SQ in the quarter finals again and winning of Oda in the losers final. I was sailing very well and it felt so good to be in form. On the fifth and last day of competition I had to defend my third place and I knew this was a very important heat, as I needed to win this one to have a chance of becoming third!

Sadly enough I did not manage to win. I didn’t sail a good heat, got confused with the moves I already did and was not thinking tactical enough with the moves I went for. To be fair, Oda sailed a very solid heat and it would have been hard to win of her anyway. Losing is never fun, but loosing after sailing a good heat is definitely a better feeling than when you are not performing the way you know you can. But, that is all part of competition. Peeking at the right moment, keeping your nerves in place and showing it all in those 8 minutes!

So, after competing for five days I had to settle down for 4th place. Definitely a good result of which I am very happy with, but just missing out on a podium place in fourth place was not my aim ;-). However, the level of these three ladies is incredible and I am happy finishing behind those girls. Maaike had an amazing performance in her final heat and it made me very proud! Sarah Quita got her 10th World Title this year and showed some incredible heats just landing every single power move she went for. The level is rising every year and it motivates me a lot. Sarah Quita, Maaike and Oda; CONGRATS! Also a big cheers to all other ladies, Fuerteventura is one of the hardest spots I sail for freestyle and showing your moves or making a debut on the World Tour at this location is pretty tough. It’s not always fun and easy to sail a lot against your best friends, but I believe we are doing an amazing job wishing each other all the best and being happy for each other.

Yesterday I already took the ferry to the third and final Canarian Island I am visiting this year. On the 6th of August there will be the 2nd stop of the PWA Wave Tour and I hope I can step up my game in this competition! There is no wind today, which is a good excuse to give my body some more rest after this intense week in Fuerteventura and to write this blog post.

Thanks a lot to ALL of you for your support and cheering, it always helps me so much! I know how nerve wracking it is for my family and some friends to watch me compete and I appreciate it a lot ;-). A special word of thanks to Alexa and Kami for your hospitality; to Hanna, Clare, Jamie and Jordy for caddying; to my sponsors for their support and amazing gear and a special mention for my family, my grandparents, Herman, Debra, Maaike, and Jelsche for all the love and believe in me.  I couldn’t do all of this without you!

Flying around a forward loop in one of my heats. Pic by JC 

A fourth place in the PWA World Cup freestyle 2017

Pretty nice to see myself in the local newspaper of Fuerteventura

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– U.S.A. –

The weeks here have been so packed with adventures that it feels like a life time ago when I arrived at San Francisco airport, but in reality it is just a few weeks ago. Last year was the first time I flew to California to participate at the Rio Vista Grandslam – a freestyle and slalom competition which is part of the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) and I was very excited to return to the States for this competition again.

I arrived a bit earlier this year and had time to organise a Ladies Windsurf Clinic the weekend before the competition. We had two days of good wind and it was great seeing all of them improving so much in just two days. It was a mixed group of women, from experienced sailors to young teenagers, but they were all stoked for windsurfing and I love teaching the new generation of women windsurfers!

In the days between the clinic I decided to do a little road trip up to Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful lakes of the US and I met up with some relatives I have there. Although it was middle of June it was still snowing and the road was icy driving through the mountains on the small and steep roads. The view was stunning though – it’s a huge lake surrounded by mountains and forrest. I drove around the whole day, doing some hikes up to beautiful waterfalls and just exploring. In the evening I drove up to my family who I shared a lovely dinner with and I got to see my cousin who arrived that same day.

Back to Rio Vista the weather had completely changed from my first week where I was cold all day long- blaming myself for not bringing warmer clothes than a summer jacket and a sweat shirt. It was over 30 degrees but sadly enough along with the heat the wind disappeared. The event was very well organised. I love the fact that the IWT has not only a pro fleet competing but combines it with a kids discipline and an amateur division. We couldn’t run the freestyle competition but got a great day of competing in slalom done. I was competing with the guys and had a blast. The wind was relatively light and I could have been on a bigger board, but still managed to get a 7th place overall in the pro men’s fleet, with my best heat being a fifth place.

The family Mertens are the organisers of this event and they did an amazing job. In the night they had a Mexican buffet and a nice band playing and I was dancing some forro with my Brazilian dance partner Tom Soltysiak. On Sunday we had skippers meeting at 8 am, but with the forecast looking very light they decided to do the price giving in the morning. This gave us the opportunity to drive down to San Francisco to get a session in at Crissie Field. This is a picknick area at the bay in the middle of the city, with a stunning view. You can see Alcatraz, the city center, the Golden Gate Bridge and all its other beautiful bridges while cruising through the biggest cargo ships I have ever seen in my life.

I was pretty terrified for the boats, so I didn’t even think about the sharks that are swimming around there too. We decided to sail up to the Golden Gate Bridge to try to sail below the beautiful bridge. Getting closer to the bridge I thought I saw something in the water but wasn’t sure what to think of it, until Phil screamed at me that it where Whales. We wanted to get closer and we were very lucky that they stay around us for over an hour. I was so overwhelmed and amazed that I didn’t even feel scared at all being so close to such gigantic creatures.

The day after we drove all the way up to the coast of California to Oregon where we stopped for a wave session at Pistol River; a famous starboard tack wave spot. Although the outside temperatures are high here, the water is actually freezing.. around 8 degrees celsius! Way colder than the Dutch waters around this time of the year. We scored a great day with some big swell and I was flying with my 3.4. I was very grateful that I could borrow a wave board from the American Fanatic team as my KLM flight only allowed me to bring my freestyle gear.

After this quick coast trip we continued our way to the Columbian River Gorge. The river is a natural border between Oregon and Washington and can get very windy with waves up to mast high. In the morning after our arrival we went to the Hatchery, a spot on the Washington side which can get very wavy. It was pretty intense sailing but we had a blast and I felt ready for the competition. Sadly enough the forecast looked very very bad for the four days of competition and we didn’t get any wind those days. There are so many incredible things to do around this area that secretly I didn’t mind to much not having any wind for a few days. On our first no wind day we hiked up to a stunning waterfall. You could walk all the way to the other side off the waterfall and I even managed to have a little shower under the fall.

The day after we went snowboarding. Felt pretty crazy to go snowboarding mid June! The snow was still super good and it was great to board down a mountain again for the first time in many years. Also pretty crazy to see a black bear running over the road while driving back at the middle of the day. This place is just incredible.

My little brother Alex and me on Mount Hood

With still no wind the playing around in Hood River continued and I also had my first ever go on a wake foil, went mountain biking in the forest for the first time in my life (and I loved it!), did some cliff diving and went floating down a wild river while enjoying the sunshine and the view. With a crazy forecast the day after the competition they decided to extend the competition for a day. We run the competition at the Hatchery and I was flying with my 3.4.

The competition was so much fun, although I did feel totally out of control. The wind was so strong, every Shaka I tried turned in to an unintentional Shifty attempt.

Managed to win the freestyle competition. Next up was slalom and it looked like it was going to be very windy as well but the wind dropped and I was good on my 6.3 WARP and 99 liter Falcon. Finished 5th in the men’s discipline on the first race but sadly enough the wind dropped even more after that and I dropped down a few places. Still manage to win in the women’s division and so happy that we still managed to run a competition due to the lack of wind the first days!

Thanks to IWT – organisers, Donna, family Mertens and all other people for these great events and amazing weeks. Next blog post will be about my extended stay here in Oregon and my PWA events coming up in the Canarian Islands, but for now it’s time to board for my flight back to Amsterdam.



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Cycling, windmills and surfing new spots; rediscovering Holland

I am in the plane, on my way to San Francisco. I already finished two movies (and secretly cried watching one), drank a bit of red wine (because the steward kept insisting I should drink something more exciting and I thought he was right), I ate too much chocolate (never bring a lot of chocolate with you on a eleven hour flight), I cleaned up my Mac book but I still have more than seven hours left. So I started writing this blog post.

On the road again 

Most times when I write an update like this one (about what I have been up to for the past months)   it is after I leave a place or country I have been for a while, after I made some unforgettable memories again, after I met some amazing people and when I scored some great windsurf sessions. All of the above is the case again, except for the fact that this time that place was not a tropical island or city on the other side of the world but in my home country.

I came back from Bonaire end of April and I moved to a city called Haarlem. It’s in between Amsterdam and the ocean, so within ten kilometers of cycling I can either be in Amsterdam or at the beach! A friend of mine was very lucky to rent a beautiful house from a windsurfing couple who are traveling around Europe in a van, and because the house was big enough for the two of us we could rent it together. I drove there in my real surfer car (an old Peugeot 108 with a symbol of a surfer on the steering wheel) sponsored by ‘autobedrijf van der Weide’  with all my stuff. Just one bag of clothes but a car full of toys. I brought my freestyle board and freestyle sails, my wave board and wave sails, my wave SUP. my regular surf board ánd my race bike. I would definitely not get bored. Debra (my house mate) also took her bike and surf gear; lucky we were living in a big house.

Cycling near Haarlem 

I have lived in a lot of places in the world but it had been a while since I last rented a house in my own country. In the past few years I mostly just came back for a few weeks and in those weeks I always stayed at my parents house. I am very lucky to have very relaxt and easy-going parents who love me to stay with them. But it was so nice living in Haarlem; being so close to the beach and to the best wave spots of Holland! And of course to live together with Debra who cooks amazing dinners and who became such a good friend.

Chilling with Debra after a great surf and SUP session at Zandvoort

Sadly enough it has been a very bad wind season and I didn’t manage to get a lot of windsurfing in. But we had some nice waves for surfing and SUP and I spend a lot of time on my bike to stay fit. With two old injuries from my ankle and knee I always have to work out my legs to keep them strong and biking is a perfect way of doing this. My clothing sponsor ION is not only a surf brand but also a famous mountainbike brand and – lucky for me – they have a lot of bike clothes as well :-).

Surf session at Zandvoort 

Although the wind has been bad I did get a few nice sessions in. One was at a spot I had never been before; it was completely flat and perfect for freestyle. It’s on the ocean but it has a few sand banks in front of the beach and with low tide these sandbanks create a complete flat area to sail. I got a few wave sessions in at Wijk aan Zee and on the days it was just not enough for my small wave board I took my freestyle gear to play in the waves. The big advantage of doing both disciplines!

A cold freestyle session 

Typical Dutch scenery

On Monday I cycled the ’11 city tour’. It’s a famous tour through the province ‘Friesland’, where you stop by all eleven cities of the province. Originally this tour is a ice skating tour, but because it has not been cold enough for the past twenty years it has not been possible to run the tour on ice-skates but they organise is every year over the road, cycling, as well. In the past they have even done this 240 km tour windsurfing. Sounds pretty far and hard to me, but it must have been such a cool experience! On my bike it was quite a lot of fun as well, together with my sister, my housemate, my dad, my two cousins and my aunt. There was quite a bit of wind which made it a bit more challenging but I actually felt good the entire 240 km! I think only the first 30 km I still had to wake up a bit because my legs were feeling a bit weak (we had to wake up at 4:30) but the other 200 km were going pretty smooth. It took us a bit more than 12 hours to finish. It’s not a race, we were cycling in a good pace but we also wanted to enjoy the day so we had a few coffee and lunch breaks in between, and my sweetest mom was waiting for us at a few spots to hook us up with some nice snacks and drinks.

The Eleven City Tour Team! 

ION bike team 😉 

The day after was not day off rest (although my body wanted one) because I had to pack my bags for the U.S.A. I got invited to participate at two events of the IWT (International Windsurfing Tour), one near San Francisco at a big river close to Rio Vista and one in Oregon at the Gorge. I went there last year as well and can’t wait to go back. The cool thing about these events are that they are for pro’s, amateurs and kids all together. There are different disciplines but it’s so nice to compete together with so many other people and to see the kids getting so much motivation from these events.

After writing the above I fell asleep in the plane and I didn’t manage to finish this blog post ;-). I will finish it now, sitting at the campsite at Rio Vista. Around 1am Dutch time / 4 pm California time I arrived at San Francisco. My passport check at customs was not as quick as last year, I must have not looked very innocent. They asked me a lot of questions and I had to go to another room for more interrogations before they let me through. I got picked up by the family Mertens and had a lovely dinner with the family at their house afterwards. I tried to stay up as long as I could to get used to the different time zone. That worked pretty well because I slept the whole night and didn’t wake up super early. 

Picking some oranges out of the garden of the family Mertens 

Today we drove to Rio Vista. I’m staying here at the camper of the family Mertens and have a huge van to drive around in. Tomorrow looks windy! Can’t wait to hit the water. The first two weeks I will be at Rio Vista and after the event there I will drive up together with the family Mertens to Hood River. This river can get super rough, on a good day you can jump backloops and push loops on both tacks from four meter swell!

Upcoming weekend I will organise a Ladies Clinic and on Monday I will probably go visit my family close to Lake Tahoe, one of the prettiest lakes of Amerika (apparently). I will keep you posted of my adventures here in the USA!


And just a few thank you’s because I couldn’t do all of this without you! Thanks to my mom for driving me to the airport with all my gear again. Thanks to KLM to not screw me over this time with my gear, thanks to Nikaj and Maaike for trusting us in their beautiful house, thanks to the family Mertens for their hospitality and help and to Donna Woods for getting me here! 

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Ladies Windsurf Camp 2

Due to so many excited windsurf girls who wanted to join my camp I decided to run two ‘Ladies Windsurf Camps’ this year, and after a very successful camp last week it was time for the second one last weekend.

One of the things I love so much about these camps is that I get to meet so many new and cool windsurf women. And what I love even more is seeing ladies joining again who have been on a Ladies Windsurf Camp before / who have been to my Yoga & Windsurf week and even who have been joining me every year since my very first camp in 2015! I guess that is one of the biggest compliment I can get :), and it’s so great becoming good friends, seeing them growing in the sport and getting better and better each year.

Friday night meeting each other (again)

The forecast for the weekend was not great although for a while it looked like Friday night could be a great start of the weekend with a decent south western wind. I started the day with a nice wave session in the morning at Wijk aan Zee. I was using my 3.7 HERO and 69 liter QUAD and it felt so good using a small sail again! Although it was a Friday morning the parking lot close to the ‘Peter Volwater Pad’ was completely packed with cars. I guess a lot of windsurfers are either unemployed or very clever to find a way to never miss those good days ;-).

It was nice to see my fellow team rider Eva Oude Ophuis back on the water after giving birth last year.

After two hours of sailing and enjoying the waves I had good hopes to top it off with a freestyle session at Strand Horst afterwards but unfortunately the wind was gone earlier than expected. By the time the clinic started and people were arriving nothing was left of the 3.7 wind I had at Wijk aan Zee in the morning. A bummer, but part of the sport we all love so much! 

Nevertheless we still had a great start of the weekend. Good food, good stories, nice windsurf goals and all full of energy for the weekend. Saturday morning we started with theory while the wind was building up. We practised the fast tack ( my favourite dance move ;-)), the jibe, duck jibe, harness and the right stance. It went from sunny and warm weather during the theory to lots of rain combined with wind while being on the water. Suddenly everyone was planing! That was a nice little surprise. The wind went down again and we were not able to plane anymore,  but it was a perfect wind to practise moves like the fast tack, helitack, beach start and duck jibe.

Theory in the morning 

After some hours on the water a suspicious looking cloud turned out to be a thunder cloud. We had been expecting this a bit as we saw it in the forecast in the morning so we were all close to the beach and we decided to use this little thunder storm as a good moment to have some lunch and a break.

Dark clouds in the background 

In the afternoon we went back out on the water until it was time for a hot shower and a nice dinner. Telstar Surfclub made us burritos filled with vegetables, meat or cheese with salad and fries. After dinner (and coffee and cake) we went outside to avoid falling asleep straight away after dinner and our long day on the water. Telstar had some longboards we could borrow so some of us were cruising around on a long board while others where testing their balance skills or just enjoying the beautiful sunset, before going in an having a drink and playing some games.

Apparently everyone felt pretty knackered from a long day on the water because on Sunday we woke up from the smell of tasty croissants being ready for us at breakfast. This morning we went through some new moves on the simulator. Once they understood each part of a move or trick and they could all do it on the simulator we went back out on the water. Some ladies really wanted to practise the waterstart. There was not enough wind to really do the move, but with a board on the beach without a fin they could still get the feeling and understanding of the waterstart.

In the afternoon everyone was keen for some stretching / yoga to loosen up the muscles a bit. The wind had died off even more in the afternoon which made the lake completely flat. Pretty bad for windsurfing but perfect for yoga on a… SUP! Telstar was very kind to lend us some inflatable sups and I was actually pretty impressed how long it took before the first one of us fell in to the water!

SUP yoga 

Time flies when you are having fun and way too soon came it was time to finish the camp and to say goodbye. We all packed up our gear and were ready to leave but the terrace in the sun was too appealing so we ended up enjoying each others company a bit longer with some drinks and food!

THANKS to Telstar Surfclub for the great hospitality and this perfect location and to all ladies for making this camp so unforgettable again. Hope to see you on the water again somewhere soon!

Stay tuned for my next adventures! I will be in Holland for two more weeks before flying back to California beginning of June to take part in the American Windsurfing Tour at the Rio Vista Grand Slam near San Francisco and in The Gorge in Oregon. Afterwards will be the start of the PWA Tour for me, and I will be flying to several competitions in the Canarian Islands.

End of October I will organise one more Windsurf Camp at Telstar Surfclub, more information will follow soon!


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