Wellness, Yoga & Windsurf

We are very proud to announce our new Wellness,  Yoga & Windsurf retreat!  After two very successful years with our Yoga & Windsurf Clinics full of  joy, wind, yoga and improvement we are excited to announce that next year we will also organise a week with more focus on Yoga, SUP, massage therapies, relaxation, meditation but of course also lots of windsurfing besides our well known  Yoga & Windsurf Clinic.

The Windsurf & Yoga holiday combines the exhilaration of windsurfing with the relaxation of yoga – all set in the breathtaking location at Sorobon Beach.

Yoga complements windsurfing and can greatly improve your performance in the water. Windsurfing makes you stronger, but the many hours on the water also causes sore and tensed muscles. Yoga brings this back in balance and helps being focused.

In the Wellness week there is more focus on yoga, SUP, massage, mindfulness and meditation.

Bonaire, a location well known for delivering some of the world most famous windsurfers, is a place with constant trade winds, amazing crystal clear water and nice shallow  lagoon for learning. Half of the island is a nature reservation, which makes it a peaceful and quiet island. Perfect for relaxing your mind and body and becoming in peace again with yourself.