•  4th overall PWA World Tour Freestyle Windsurfing
• 3rd overall EFPT European Championship freestyle Windsurfing
•  Winner Freestyle IWT Gorge Bash
• Winner Slalom IWT International Windsurf Tour Rio Vista Grandslam
• Winner Slalom IWT Gorge Bash


• 2nd overall EFPT European Championship Freestyle Windsurfing
• 4th overall PWA World Tour Freestyle Windsurfing
• Winner AWT American Windsurfing Tour ‘Rio Vista’ & Gorge Bash
• 10th overall PWA World Tour Wave Windsurfing


• Dutch Wave champion
• 5th PWA World Cup Fuerteventura
• 4th European Championship Dam X
• Winner Brazilian Open


• 3rd PWA Worldcup Freestyle Bonaire
• 2nd PWA INDOOR Worldcup Freestyle Warsaw
• 3rd PWA INDOOR Worldcup Slalom Warsaw
• 3rd PWA INDOOR Worldcup Jump Warsaw
(Arrianne injured her ankle and due to this did not get an overall title in 2014)


• Vice World Champion  PWA Worldtour Freestyle
• 2nd PWA Worldcup Freestyle Fuerteventura
• 9th PWA Worldcup Wave Tenerife
• 2nd PWA Worldcup Freestyle The Netherlands
• 2nd Wave competition ‘Circuito Wave Jeri’


• 3rd overall ranking PWA Worldtour Freestyle
• 3rd PWA Worldcup Freestyle Fuerteventura
• 16th PWA Worldcup Slalom Alacati


• 5th Overall PWA Worldcup Freestyle
• Dutch Champion Freestyle
• 4th PWA Worldcup Freestyle Bonaire
• 6th PWA Worldcup Freestyle Aruba
• 5th PWA Worldcup Freestyle Fuerteventura
• Gold NK Lago Di Amstel


• 9th place PWA Worldcup Freestyle Lanzarote
• Third place women Curacao Challenge
• Dutch Champion Super Session Freestyle
• 1st place Friends of Friesstyle (Dutch)
• 2nd Dutch Championship Ice surfing
• Winner Brasilian Open Women Freestyle Jericoacoara Brasil


• Dutch Champion Ice Sailing
• Winner Friends of Friesstyle (NL)


• 4th place  Dutch Championship wave