6 days of fasting


So, for the ones who start reading this and thinking I’m crazy; it does sound quite crazy to me too, to not eat for 6 whole days. However, it felt surprisingly good and relatively easy.

In this post I will tell you how each day went for me, what I struggled with, how I prepared and how I broke the fast.

I did a fast of 4 days in January and after that I knew I wanted to do it again. Together with a friend of mine we decided to give it a go last week, not having any social activities planned for a few days.


My plan was to start fasting on Sunday, after an early and light dinner. However, I had a very bad start of my fast (and do not recommend this). Started the day good with some yoghurt and fruits, gave a yoga lesson and after that I drove to my sister for my nephews 2nd birthday. I had birthday cake, coffee, chips and some veggie snacks. On the way home I felt quite full and I decided to skip dinner and just start with the fasting already.

It’s better to start preparing your fast. Eat less carbs, lots of veggies and fruits, quit alchohol and lower your caffeine intake. It will make the fast easier and you will have less  detox symptoms or headache. However, I failed at that part!

Day 1. Monday:

I wake up hungry already. Oh oh! Still not feeling mentally ready for the fast and I am already having 2nd thoughts. I cook some oats for my daughter and it smells delicious. I drink some water with sea salt and lots of tea as my ‘breakfast’. Luckily I am doing this fast together with a friend of mine. She lives far away so we just have contact by WhatsApp, but it will be a huge support during the week. I remember that the first two days were the toughest days last time, so that’s what I keep telling myself. We decide to order a ketone and glucose measure online, because it’s important to measure yourself during a longer fast (and it’s interesting too!). My starting weight in the morning is 63.1 kg


Day 2. Tuesday

I remember from previous fasts  (of 3 and 4 days) that I found this  the most difficult day. I feel quite good, it’s just some moments that the feeling of being hungry comes up.  I have a little headache. I realise I should drink even more water and tea than on normal days because you can dehydrate much quicker when you don’t eat. It might also be because I normally drink three cups of cappuccino a day but I almost stop drinking coffee. The black coffee just really doesn’t take good on an empty stomach for me. To ‘treat’ myself I buy many different sparkling water bottles in the store, a few cheaper ones and some fancy ones. The bubbles in the water can give you a bit of a fuller feeling in your stomach. It helps me to drink more, because I don’t like water so much. I spend the whole day with my daughter at home. We go for a bike ride, do a picnic in the forest (well she eats it-not me) and it’s a nice distraction for me. In the evening I feel good and I have a good night of sleep.

Ketones level 0.6 /

Day 3 Wednesday:

I wake up very nauseous. It reminds me of my nausea when I was pregnant, and that’s not a good memory to have. I take some water with salt and lay down a little more, hoping it will fade away within an hour. I already decide that I will break my fast if the nausea doesn’t go away within that hour, it shouldn’t be a competition and I want to listen to my body. Luckily the nausea goes away and I can start my day. I also find some good electrolytes online that I order, which don’t raise your glucose levels. For a longer waterfast like I do it’s good to take electrolytes as your body will miss some essential minerals from food intake.

Ketone level 1.6 / glucose 3.9 / 60.6 kg

Day 4 Thursday:

Today I have a busy day, which I am quite happy about. Lots of distraction! I start the day with some warm water with keltic salt. I cook my daughter some banana pancakes and it doesn’t make me go crazy for it. First a meeting at Aya her daycare, then a meeting with my business coach (drinking two cups of mint tea) and then driving up to Amsterdam to see a sportdoctor (buying some sparkling water on the way). The news from the sports doctor is not what I was hoping for and on the way back I do feel like buying myself some (a lot) of chocolate to feel happy again. I don’t do it, but it stays in my mind the whole drive back.

I feel significant better than the days before. Less hungry, no headache and full of energy. My mind is really clear and I don’t feel tired at all. In the afternoon I decide to go to the gym. I do half an hour on the bike and another 20 minutes of very light machines. It feels good to exercise but I definitely feel much weaker than normal. Not pushing it at all, just enjoying it.   In the evening I go to see some friends. They feel bad of eating in my face but I really don’t mind. Drinking two more cups of tea. But back at home just before going bed I don’t feel great. I have a headache and feel tired. I send a message to my friend that I will break the fast tomorrow,  I want to listen to my body and I’m done with it.. time to eat again!

Day 5 Friday:

I wake up energised and with more energy than all other days so far. Taking some salt water again, trying a cup of coffee (but only finish half of it – detox on coffee it is because I really don’t like the taste anymore). I go for a half an hour bike ride and even though I feel I could go on way further I decide half an hour is enough.  Still feeling good…doubt starts to kick in to break the fast today. My friend is going for the 6 day fast. It feels too tempting add another day now I feel so good and to finish ‘together’  so I write her that I’ll join another day. My ketone level today is 3.7 and glucose is 3.3.  I do some shopping for my first meal tomorrow, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep looking up recipes, what to eat after breaking a fast and daydreaming what I am going to eat the next few days. In the evening I feel very hungry. Finally my electrolytes that I ordered a few days ago have arrived, so I am taking them. They are unsweetened and will not harm the fasting. But they are very important to maintain hydration because you get most of your electrolytes from food normally.

It feels that the closer I am coming to the end, the more hungry and impatient I get. It’s 100% a mind game, this entire week. The mental part is sooooo much harder than the physical part.

Ketone level 3.7 / glucose level 3.3 /

Day 6. Saturday

We are going to the Zoo with a friend of mine and her child. I make a breakfast box for Aya in the car, and for myself I take the electrolytes and I  bring a big bottle of sparkling water as ‘breakfast’. I feel good, the hunger feeling is in the background and we are having a lovely day. During lunch my friend buys herself something nice to eat and for a moment I regret my fasting; I feel anti social of not being able to share a lunch together. Funny how we connect being social with food and drinks. The children are tired and around 2PM we’re done at the Zoo. My plan was to drive home and start preparing my food, but instead I go home with my friend to stay the night there. I bike (again) to the store to buy food to break my fast.

Around 4PM I take some Chicken bone broth. It tastes delicious and it’s very healthy to break a fast with.

I wait a bit to see how my body reacts but it feels good, so one hour later I eat some avocado.

Around 6PM we all have dinner together. We eat shrimps, asparagus and steamed courgette. The others have potatoes and sauce too, but I skip that. I make sure to eat a small portion and to eat very slow.

It’s funny to realise how much I enjoy and to be conscious about the taste, the flavours. To eat slow, really chew good and be aware of the speed / amount that we eat.