Alacati 2023

Behind the laptop, but still smiling thinking back of the great windsurf week we had.

This year I had 11 participants joining; 5 men, 6 women, Dutch, German, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Belgium.. between 31 and 60 years old; so a great mix of people. Not sure how it’s possible to always have SUCH a nice group of people together, sharing the stoke and having fun together. It must be our shared passion for windsurfing and the lifestyle that comes along with it!

The forecast looked very good for the first few days. I thought of starting with a little theory but when I saw the eagneress in everyones eyes I decided to hit the water straight away. After getting the first hour in, we did some theory that they could put in use on their second session.

The owner of Bubi Surf School; Korhan, was also teaching them. He is a very experienced and a an amazing teacher and together we made sure everyone was improving a lot.

The first night I reserved a table at a very cute and unique restaurant, and we all enjoyed and shared the tasty and healthy mezzes, cheering with a drink on our first great day!

Everyone has his own goals for the week. Some just want to enjoy some time away from the family, some want to learn a planing jibe, getting rid of fear or working on more confidence, and it’s beautiful to see how everyone helping each other reach those goals, cheering for each other and taking care.

We were windsurfing so much the first days, that we barely had time to enjoy the pool and beautiful garden of the hotel. So on the 4th day when the wind was a bit light (and hands were full of blisters and bodies completely tired) we organised a little pool party at the hotel with some snacks, drinks and music.

Although I always tell people upfront that Alacati is beautiful and that people are very kind; still everyone was dazzled by HOW beautiful and HOW kind. Even if you are not windsurfing it’s a must-go-to place in my opinion.

Lot’s of planing, lots of jibes, tacks, footstraps (catapults), laughter, some tears, tasty food, new friendships, lots of windsurfing improvement and above all; happy faces.

Thanks for joining and for making it such an unforgettable week together.