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Jericoacoara, a small village in Brazil where the trades wind deliver wind every single day, with crystal clear water and no need for a wetsuit. A personal favorite destination!

Arrianne Aukes will offer four days of coaching for all levels. Arrianne Aukes is a professional windsurfer and a certified and experienced windsurf instructor.  So if you want to crank down those carve gybes, improve your waterstarts, or dial in your forwards then this is the perfect chance!





Dates: 21 till 24th of November

Availability: Open

Minimum Level: Harness and footstraps

Equipment Hire/Transfer/Accommodation: All available on request and packages can be tailor made to your needs. Overnight hotel rental, long term rental, car hire, airport transfers, board/sail hire – we have all the experience to provide you a cost effective yet enjoyable trip.

Price: 300 euro

*Price includes: Professional coaching from Vice World Champion Arrianne Aukes with video coaching and analysis and live video feedback whilst on the beach.

Grab your place by emailing: 


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