Windsurf & Yoga for surfers weekend



Arrianne Aukes en Bellatrix van Wingerden organiseren samen een Windsurf & Yoga For Surfers weekend.
We starten de 2 dagen met koffie, thee & snacks, 1,5 uur Yoga For Surfers en daarna gaan we de ene dag naar de Grevelingen en de andere dag naar het Oostvoornse Meer voor de windsurf clinic, die de hele middag duurt.

Bellatrix gaat je leren hoe je je lichaam kunt versterken en versoepelen op de yogamat. Echt functionele yogahoudingen die elke surfer kan gebruiken.

Arrianne gaat je tools geven hoe jij je kunt verbeteren op het water en je surf level kan verhogen.

Een weekend vol plezier, kennis, ervaring op de mat en in het water. Zaterdag avond gaan we gezellig eten met elkaar en nog meer praten over surf trips, moves en mooie surf momenten.
Deelname is € 250,- per persoon, met eigen materiaal.
Wil je materiaal huren? is dat mogelijk ter plekke.
maximaal 12 deelnemers.



17 & 18 Juni 2023


Ouddorp en Oostvoornse meer


Voor iedereen die beter wil leren windsurfen!


2 dagen Yoga en Windsurfen




More information

You will be taught windsurfing by me. I am a professional windsurfer and  PWA Vice World Champion Freestyle / Dutch Wave Champion. Besides competing on the World Tour I am also a certified and very experienced windsurf instructor who knows exactly how to teach.  Although I want everyone to improve their windsurfing I find it even more important to make sure you feel comfortable, happy and confident in what you are practising, and I love to motivate people.

Besides windsurfing I practise a lot of yoga. While windsurfing all year round I realised that yoga helps my body to recover and to perform better. The breathing and mental part of yoga has helped me a lot during competitions to focus and perform better. I am a certified yoga instructor and I have also a Breathwork Master certificate.

Ladina is a very experienced yoga teacher, massage therapist, sport teacher and a very passionate windsurfer too. We has developed a special yoga program that includes seven different yoga styles.

Each of them will be a unique experience. Yoga on the little island of Bonaire, yoga on a SUP board, we make sure you will mentally and physically recover, energise and in peace with yourself.


Apply for this clinic with the form below. A reservation is non-committal and not definitive. I will get in touch about the details.

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Already as a little girl windsurfing was my  passion and I couldn’t wait till the day  I was old and strong enough to lift up the sail. In my diary I used to write that I wanted to become a professional windsurfer when I was older.

At that time it seemed quite unlikely though, that one day in my life I would travel around the world, without having a house, just me and my windsurf bags going on adventures. I was a sweet but very sensitive and insecure child. I didn’t dare to go anywhere without my parents, I was afraid to be left alone and I needed a lot of confirmation.

But I was very sporty even as a little girl. At eight years old I had to come in front of the class to show my little arm muscles. Both my parents were keen windsurfers (and still are) and they took me windsurfing every summer holiday.