Exciting news….  I am going to run a WING clinic in Karpathos this autumn! So, if you like to improve your wing skills, get more comfortable on your board, work on your jibes / tacks and stance then come join me on this beautiful and windy Greek Island. 


Winging is the newest water addiction from many waterlovers. With the wing and foil board you literally cruise over the water. 

Karpathos is a beautiful wing location. In high season the wind is very strong, but during the autumn months there is a nice breeze and the water is flat. Perfect for winging! 

ION Center has the newest and best Duotone Wing and Foil gear. There is a boat to make sure you always come back or if you need help.  

As an watersport atlete I started to get in to wing a few years ago already. I love all watersports; windsurf, SUP, surf, kite, wing and I believe they are all an addition to each other. I love the feeling that wing foiling gives! Flying over the water; which gives an adrenaline rush and can be very mindful at the same time. 

I LOVE winging in the waves, it’s such an incredible feeling. Even with small waves it feels like you are shredding the waves. But coming from freestyle windsurfing, I also love doing / learning new tricks with the wing. Downwind 360’s, 540’s, jibe variaties; it’s ALL fun. 



From 1st till 5th of October - and stay as long as you like.




Beginner / intermediate wing - who can be up on foil but like to improve their stance, jibes and tacks and feel more comfortable.


We can arrange everything for you or you just join the clinic. Whatever you prefer; its your holiday!

Book your flights and we can help with accommodation, transport and gear rental. You can come alone or with your family or friends

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you like to know more / or want to book.



More information

You will be taught windsurfing by me. I am a professional windsurfer and  PWA Vice World Champion Freestyle / Dutch Wave Champion. I started winging quite some years ago and got hooked straight away! That feeling of freedom, the quick learning curve it has, who doesn’t fall in love with that sport? 

Although I want everyone to improve I find it even more important to make sure you feel comfortable, happy and confident in what you are practising, and I love to motivate people.

I practise a lot of wing, sup, windsurfing and yoga. While being on a board all year round I realised that yoga helps my body to recover and to perform better. The breathing and mental part of yoga has helped me a lot during competitions to focus and perform better. I am a certified windsurf and yoga instructor and I have also a Breathwork Master certificate. 


Apply for this clinic with the form below. A reservation is non-committal and not definitive. I will get in touch about the details.