Karpathos 2022

Jeeeeee leuk nieuws! Ook dit najaar zal ik in samenwerking met Telstar Surfclub weer een Ladies Windsurf Clinic verzorgen. Deze clinic zal plaatsvinden op 21, 22 en 23 September 2018 in de Telstar Surfclub bij Strand Horst.

Alacati Windsurf clinic 2023

Windsurf clinic in beautiful Alacati - Turkey. This is a super famous windsurf spot which has host many international windsurf competitions and is known for it's constant and reliable wind. We windsurf in a beautiful (shallow) bay and enjoy the beautiful town, tasty food and relaxt and friendly vibes.

Jericoacoara Windsurf Clinic 2022 TBC

FINALLY a Jericoacoara Windsurf Clinic! Jericoacoara - Brazil is very special to me. It's the place where I fell in love with freestyle 10 years ago when I went there for the first time so I love to show you this place too.

Windsurf Clinics NL 2022

Jeeeeee leuk nieuws! Het is weer tijd voor mijn jaarlijkse windsurf clinic! In samenwerking met Telstar Surfclub weer een Telstar Windsurf Clinic verzorgen. De clinic zal plaatsvinden op 15, 16 & 17 Mei  in de Telstar Surfclub bij Strand Horst.

Yoga & Windsurf Clinic 2023

I’m very happy and proud to announce the Yoga & Windsurf clinic for 2023!  After three  amazing and successful years full of  joy, wind, yoga and improvement from the participants we are excited the fifth edition!

Yoga, Mindfulness & Windsurf 2023

We are very proud to announce our 3rd edition of our Wellness,  Yoga & Windsurf retreat!  After three very successful years with our Yoga & Windsurf Clinics full of  joy, wind, yoga and improvement we decided last year that we also wanted  to organise a week with more focus on Yoga, SUP, massage therapies, relaxation, meditation but of course also lots of windsurfing besides our well known  Yoga & Windsurf Clinic.