Alacati Windsurf Clinic

Come and join a windsurf camp in beautiful Alacati!

The clinic will be held in Alacati – Turkey; a super famous windsurf spot which has host many international windsurf competitions and is known for it’s constant and reliable wind.

This constant breeze is suitable for all skill types. Alacati has a beautiful bay with turquoise waters and is shallow for a long time; perfect for beginners but also for people who like to improve their freestyle or blasting around.

The clinic will be in June. Exact dates will be announced soon.

Because of the high request last year be sure to book on time!


Clinic dates:   June 2023 

Where:  Alacati bay in Turkey

Who:    For beginner, intermediate and experienced windsurfers

What:  6 full days of windsurf coaching with photo and video analysis.

Price:     1399 EURO this includes:

  • 6 days of windsurf coaching
  • 7 days of windsurf gear rental at Bubi surf school
  • Insurance on the windsurf gear
  • 6 nights of accommodation at Zeytin Konak hotel
  • Best Turkish breakfast in town
  • 2x Airport transfer (Izmir Airport)
  • Daily private bus transfer from the hotel to the beach and back
  • Stretching and yoga
  • Welcome drinks at Zeytin Hotel on arrival

The price is exclusive flight tickets and hotel room upgrades. Price is based on a shared bedroom at Zeytin. 

You can extend your stay, upgrade your room and windsurf rental (and coaching) on request.

From most European cities there are direct flights to Izmir airport. At the moment a retour ticket  Amsterdam – Izmir costs 140 euro.


Alaçatı is an idyllic village situated on the west coast of Turkey, only one hour  drive from the airport in İzmir. Known primarily for its stunning natural stone villas and small winding café-filled streets, Alaçatı has a growing reputation for something Turkey is not immediately associated with: windsurfing.

Every year between 8,000 and 10,000 professional and amateur windsurfers from the United States, Australia and Europe flock to the turquoise waters of Alaçatı Bay to either participate in a variety of internationally recognized windsurfing competitions or hone their skills.

The surf schools of Alaçatı are busiest between May and October when the weather boasts a constant and reliable wind. This constant breeze is suitable for all skill types though beginners benefit most due to the favorable conditions of shallow and flat water; which however is also perfect for freestylers, slalom and everyone who just wants to blast around and improve their skills.

Combine this with the gorgeous local scenery and cosmopolitan vibe and you can quickly understand why Alacati is continuing to enhance its reputation as not only a windsurfing Mecca, but also as the must visit destination in Turkey, so much so that it is now challenging Bodrum for the title of Turkey’s most stylish Aegean resort. 

Izmir is very easy to fly to with daily and cheap charter flights from everywhere in Europe. Due to the economical crisis that is hitting Turkey, which is very sad for the local people, Turkey has became a relatively cheap tourist destination.

We are staying in the legendary and beautiful Zeytin Konak Hotel. Although it is only five minutes walking distance from the center of Alaçatı,  they offer a quiet and calm stay. They are known for the best Turkish Breakfast in town

Zeytin Hotel consists of four separate mansions with two swimming pools and a beautiful garden. It has a little bar where you can buy home made healthy juices, healthy snacks and more.

Besides the standard rooms, there are also special rooms with bay windows, fireplaces, kitchenettes or connecting room if you like to make an upgrade.

The windsurf school Bubi where we are renting has all the new Fanatic and Duotone gear and is located at the best spot at Alacati Bay. It’s only a ten minute drive by bus transfer which is waiting for us every morning after breakfast.

They are super professional and very happy to help you pick the right gear and to get ready. They have changing rooms, showers, lockers and everything we need.

After the first session you can have a lunch break at one of the many and tasty beachfront restaurants before hitting the water again.

After the afternoon session the transfer will bring us back to the hotel where you can relax in the swimming pool, have a drink or join for some stretching. In the evenings you can go out for dinner in the beautiful city center of Alacati with plenty of amazing restaurants and nice little streets to wander around or you can enjoy a calm night having a lovely fresh dinner at the hotel. A few evenings we will go out for dinner all together, where we will show you the best and most tasty restaurants in town.