Clinics 2024

While sitting at home in Holland, drinking hot tea as it’s cold and grey outside;  it’s time to make epic plans for 2024!

Happy to share the dates of my yearly destinations in Bonaire, Turkey,  Karpathos and Brazil. Stay tuned for a new destination this summer!



Week 1: Windsurf and Yoga  clinic 18  till 22 March – intermediate
Week 2: Wing  clinic 25 till 28 March – beginner
Week 3: Yoga, Windsurf & Mindfulness 2 till 6 April beginner / intermediate     

Alacati  Windsurf clinic 3 till 8 June  beginner / intermediate 

Windsurf clinic 19 till 23 August – intermediate / advanced
Windsurf clinic 26 August till 30 August beginner / intermediate 

I am excited about ALL of them. If you would ask me which is my favourite.. I honestly couldn’t choose. They all have their own beauty! Bonaire is simply the most beautiful and legendary windsurf bay on this world, and the best place to improve with their constant trade wind.

In Alacati we all stay in a super nice hotel together, and I would say it always has the best group vibes because of that! The hotel is very calm and beautiful, and has a huge garden. So there is enough privacy but it’s nice to share breakfast in the beautiful garden, jump in the pool with a beer after a long day of windsurfing. In And the bay is shallow, beautiful (ok, I must admit, not AS beautiful as Bonaire! But, for Europe, it’s incredible) and the wind builds up during the day, perfect to improve whatever you want to learn.  I love this one too!

Karpathos.. the windy one! This is a special one too. It’s a Greek island, and it’s known to be crazy windy. Which can be a little impressive, but everyone always gets used to it after a few days.. and even start to REALLY enjoy sailing with small sails! Greek food, a super nice Duotone Center. Yeah, I love this one too….

And then Brazil.. well, just have a look at my instagram to see HOW much I LOVE Brazil. For me, it’s my 2nd home and where I started my windsurf career as a pro windsurfer. It’s windy every single day, you windsurf in boardshorts, there are only sandy streets. At night you drink a caipirinha and have dinner (and maybe even a little dance?) in the beautiful little town of Jericoacoara.

For more information about one of the clinics or if you want to reserve a spot; please fill in the contact form.