Girls Windsurf Camp

Here already some photo’s and a small update about the Girls Windsurf Camp that I organized last weekend. It was a great succes and I enjoyed so much being on the water with so many motivated ladies!

We were very lucky with a sunny weekend, the wind seemed to not be so strong at the beginning, but in the end we had perfect wind to practice jibes, tacks, freestyle tricks, beach starts and much more and I think I can say that all of them improved a lot! We also had a tandem board of Gearfreak that we could borrow and it was so much fun sailing together and actually very useful for teaching too.

On Saturday evening we had a bbq, went to Hindeloopen for an ice cream (never knew that it was such a cute city!) and by eleven we were all in bed totally exhausted of a day on the water. Sunday we all woke up early, ready for some more wind and we stayed on the water until four o’clock, only with a lunch break in between as almost all of them were very keen to stay on the water! We ended the weekend with a little yoga session to stretch the sour muscles.

THANKS so much all of you ladies for joining, it was a real pleasure meeting you all and I enjoyed it a lot. Hope you all had a lot of fun and learned a thing or two, and hope to see you on the water soon.

More photo’s to come!!

More clinic’s coming up soon, keep updated by checking my atlete facebook page and blog!

The camper van ready and packed for the weekend! I lived in this van for half a year once and it felt great camping in it again for a weekend!


Patricia practicing a bit on land before hitting the water! DSC01494

Eveline getting ready


Sour hands after a weekend full of windsurfing! DSC01534

Sisters sharing a passion! 😉 DSC01490

Lena practicing her freestyle moves DSC01526

Debra waiting for wind DSC01541

With some of the girls! DSC01512

Having lunch  11982652_723453121119932_789615178_oExplaining on the simulator

11986073_10204866069835955_822859056_o-2With all of us!