Interview in Boardseeker

A nice interview in Boardseeker about my injury in Fuerteventura and the plans for coming year! You can read the full article by clicking on the link at the end of the blog post.


Last years freestyle Vice World Champion was none other than the Dutch delight, Arrianne Aukes. Off to a good start in 2014, Aukes was set to find herself on the podium once again, however a nasty bought of bad luck saw here down and out just one day before competition started at the final ladies PWA freestyle event of the year. We caught up with her for a few words about her injury, recovery period and if she has to undergo surgery, read on.

I went to a few doctors in Fuerteventura and one of them told me that it was still possible to sail with a brace and a cortisone injection


So Arrianne, now you’ve had some time to recover, can you tell us what happened exactly in Fuerteventura the day before the event?

The day before the event started I went out for a little session. I always try to take it easy the days before a competition as I think being rested is most important but at the same time I think it’s good to check out and get used to the conditions (they can vary a lot in Fuerteventura and its pretty difficult sailing). While going for a Ponch on the way out my front foot went out of the straps and I landed badly on my ankle and tore some of my ligaments in my ankle completely.
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