Ladies Windsurf Camp 2018

Last weekend was my first clinic of the year in Holland; a Ladies Windsurf Camp at Strand Horst and it was just simply SO MUCH FUN.

The weather was in our favour; with lots of sunshine, high temperatures and some nice wind. The clinic started Friday evening at Telstar Surfclub. All ladies gathered around dinner time and we enjoyed a nice meal while we met each other and I gave some information about the weekend. I got a super nice present for all the ladies from a very good friend from Florida. She send me some WIND WOMEN stickers for all of us. As there was no wind on Friday, I decided to already rig up our gear ready for the days after. It’s so important to tune your gear right. We finished the day off with some drinks and went to bed excited for the next day.

Saturday morning we started with some stretching / warming up / yoga for the ladies who were keen for an early morning. We had some tasty breakfast arranged by Telstar Surfclub and a few coffee’s later we started on the simulator to practise on land.

Body position, foot straps, harness, planing jibe, duck jibe, tacks and freestyle tricks, there was enough to learn for everyone 😉

After practising on the simulator we went for a nice windsurf session. The wind was not strong sadly enough, but definitely good enough to focus on the things everyone wanted to learn and to improve!


After two windsurf sessions and lots of improvement and new tricks everyone was tired but satisfied. We celebrated the nice day with some drinks on the terrace, while the sun gave us an amazing sunset performance. In the evening we watched back all the clips we made during the session, to have a better look what went wrong and what went good!

Sunday morning we decided to change the program,  get up early and to get on the water as soon as we could straight after breakfast to catch the wind when it was there. We were lucky and got a good hour of planing conditions in! So nice to see everyone on the water having so much fun, trying new tricks, chilling or blasting around fast.

After a little lunch break we went to the neighbours; Telstar Surf. They gave each of the participants a voucher to spend there, and of course girls do not say no to some shopping ;-). Super nice! Afterwards we were all pretty knackered. We did some more theory on the simulator and finished the amazing weekend off with a yoga session on the beach.

I think everyone was a bit sad of leaving and the weekend to be over, so almost everyone stayed for a few more drinks and some dinner at the restaurant. Must have been a good weekend if people are not running off straight away 😉 I felt so happy and so proud of everyone.. it’s so great to see so much improvement and not just improvement on the water.. windsurfing is so much more than just a sport. You always have to challenge yourself, getting over fears and pushing yourself. And to do this together, with other amazing women who all have a passion for the same sport is just so nice. Thank you all for joining and love to see you all again soon on the water! 

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