New Website and PWA Brouwersdam

Welcome to my new website! Thanks to Ginger Chris at for all his time and effort. So remember to find out more about where I have been in the world or to look up the worlds top windsurf spots check out his website

The new website contains everything in one place, so check out my latest spot as well as my online portfolio, video’s and photo’s.  We are still working on the finishing touches but with the  PWA event coming up in Brouwersdam it could be a busy week so sorry for any delay or missing features!

Will soon post all my old blogposts on this website again as well so you can read back to the past years!

Thanks for visiting my website. For regular updates also check my facebook page!

As many of you may know, tomorrow the PWA World Cup event in Brouwersdam will start! This is the first time I will have a PWA event in my own country and I’m very excited about it and the forecast looks promising so it is going to be a great event!

Check out the website and come and visit us next week!

Here’s the advert of the event:1048709_488434887899482_1026323195_o During the event I will try and update as much as possible! Now have to pack the van and I will head to Brouwersdam to prepare and be ready for the event!