3rd at PWA Bonaire

BO14_ls_All_the_winners (1)
Yesterday was the last day of the PWA freestyle in Bonaire, which was the first stop of the PWA Tour of 2014. With four days of wind out of five we were able to finish two double eliminations and with the flat water the heats were even more impressive to watch than normal with some of the men pulling of incredible moves.
Not only the level of the men was incredible,  the level of girls was also really high and this made the event even more exciting and challenging than previous years.
During the first single elimination I made it into 2nd place, but the day after during the double elimination I had to defend my position against Maaike Huvermann, a very young and super talented girl from Holland as well, but I didn’t sail a great heat and became 3rd. The day after it was really windy and being on my 4.4 pretty overpowered I had a great day of competing sailing some really good solid heats and making it in to 2nd place again for the second single elimination.
Unfortunately the wind was much lighter again the next day and with Maaike Huvermann sailing some amazing heats I was up against her again for the 2nd position. I don’t know whether i was a bit too nervous or not completly focussed, but i crashed my first ‘simple and save’ moves a few times in a row during the first minutes of our heat and it made me a bit stressed. I managed to get back in track to nail all four moves on each tack but had no time left to get some higher scoring moves in afterwards anymore. Maaike sailed a great heat once again and won. I’m very happy for her, it’s so great to see young freestyle girls pushing the level.BO14_fs_Aukes_action
Of course i am sad of loosing my 2nd place position from last year during this event but with the event in Fuerteventura coming up and the conditions that i prefer i am very stoked to try to claim my 2nd place back!
Thanks to all my sponsors, friends and family for their support!