A good end to 2013

With 2013 almost done, it’s time for my final blog post of 2013! 

It was a good Christmas with the wind coming back and just a few people on the water. The day after Christmas there was a freestyle competition, or in fact the last competition from the National Brazilian Freestyle Tour. It was a nice day with a good crowd watching the men pulling out some great tricks and the local boys taking it up against each other and the European pro riders. During my heat I managed to land a clean ponch which i was really happy with and I made it into first place! A well done for Robyn Cooke for competing in her first competition..more to follow hopefully!


Not much rest after the freestyle competition as the day after it was time for the final wave competition of the ‘Circuito de Jeri’ series. With a lot of people having left for Christmas the girls fleet was not a big as last time with 16 girls but there were still 10 girls competing! The level of some male participants was incredible with several guys landing double forwards, airchachoo’s, goiters and taka’s. In the single elimination I became first, with Aurora second and Taina third place. The day after we continued with the double elimination where I had to sail against Aurora again to fight for first place. However in this heat i didn’t manage to win. As I was the winner of the single elimination this meant we had to sail again against each other one more time for the final desicion. I had a really good heat with a clean forward loop and some big waves that i was able to catch, which was a great feeling and resulted as well in me winning the last wave competition!




Big congrats to Aurora for becoming second and Taina with her third place! And a big thanks to all the sponsors and organisors of this great event.

After participating in all three competitions I also got the Overall winner’s title from the series!



With only one more day to come before the end of 2013 I feel it has been a great year! Becoming vice world champion in the PWA freestyle Tour this year has been a dream for a few years and would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors for their support and help; Simmerstyle, RRD, Gearfreak, Maui Ultra Fins. Participating in the PWA Waves this year for the first time has been a great experience, and i’m super happy with my 9th place Overall! It works really motivating to compete in another discipline as well and I feel here in Jeri this year i’m more keen to get better in waves as well!

Im looking forward to 2014, to new adventures, friendships and epic sessions! I wish you all the best for 2014!