About Me


Hi, Im Arrianne

Already as a little girl windsurfing was my big passion, I couldn’t wait till I was old and strong enough to lift up the sail. In my diary I used to write that I wanted to become a professional windsurfer (or a ninja) when I was older.

At that time it seemed quite unlikely though, that one day in my life I would travel around the world. I was a sweet child, but very sensitive and insecure. I didn’t dare to go anywhere without my parents, I was afraid to be left alone and I needed a lot of confirmation.

But I was very sporty even as a little girl. At eight years old I had to come in front of the class to show my little arm muscles. Both my parents were keen windsurfers (and still are) and they took me windsurfing every summer holiday.


You are not one drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in one drop

My Story

I finished my high school and also obtained my blackbelt in Jiu Jitsu. After high school I went to University in Amsterdam. Not a logical step for me, the big city, but my study forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

Living closer to the sea, I was spending even more time on the water and with a friend I decided to go on a windsurf trip to Brazil.

This trip changed my life. I saw people doing freestyle tricks on the water and I fell in love with it  straight away:  I wanted to learn this too. I made very quick progression, the combination of windsurfing since I was little and all those years of doing gymnaties probably helped me a lot.

But it was not just the windsurfing that changed my life in Brazil. The whole lifestyle and sense of freedom that came along with it.  Being on the water every day, windsurfing for hours and going tired but satisfied to bed every day. The sun on my face, being one with nature and completely lose yourself on the water. The simple outdoor life, connecting with different minded people and living for a passion.

I finished my Bachelor degree and decided to focus on windsurfing. I did my first competitions, gained my first sponsors and in 2010 I made my debut on the World Tour.


Arrianne Aukes


My first competition I finished last place and people told me I was too old to get a top ranking result. It made me insecure but I kept believing in myself and it only gave me motivation to train even harder. Just one year later I managed to finish in 5th place. From that year on, I travelled the globe in search of the right training conditions and for competitions. In 2012 I managed to get on podium for the first time, and in 2013 I became Vice World Champion.





It's not just a sport

For me windsurfing is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle, but also a way to find yourself and to face your fears, your challenges and to step out of your comfort zone.

Windsurfing makes me forget everything else. You use every muscle in your whole body and at the same time my head is totally focussed on the moment, the next move, wave or wind gust.

You become one with your board and sail, the wind and the water. The mix of excitement, fear, sensation and power is an amazing feeling.

The power and unpredictability of the ocean, the ferocity and force of the waves always give me a feeling of pureness and a lot of respect for the elements.

Besides the love of windsurfing, I also love sharing my passion. I did my windsurf instructor course many years ago, and a few years ago I started organising windsurf clinics / retreats.

Being a week away together, sharing the stoke on the water and making new steps towards your goals.

Slowly the windsurf clinics grew into something more.