Jericoacoara Windsurf Clinic

FINALLY a Jericoacoara Windsurf Clinic!

Jericoacoara – Brazil is very special to me. It’s the place where I fell in love with freestyle 10 years ago when I went there for the first time so I love to show you this place too.

It has the best wind statistics of the world and it is by far the most consistent place for wind I have ever been. The village is very unique with only sandy streets, located in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive to the village with a private 4×4 for 4 hours, with the last hour even going through a national park of sand dunes.

The village is super cute, with nice and delicious restaurants and boutiques. There is a lot of night life too if you like, or you can just enjoy a caipirinha at the end of the day with sunset on the beach.

It’s a dream location for many people, but not the easiest one to arrange for yourself. That is why I sorted EVERYTHING already for you! Amazing accommodation with delicious brazilian breakfast, good windsurf gear to use every day, transport from the airport; you don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy the water, wind and all the other things!!


  • 10 days accommodation
  • 6 days windsurf coaching
  • 10 days the best windsurf gear rental
  • 2x airport transfer (4 hour drive with 4×4 car)
  • amazing Brazilian breakfast
  • video and photo analyses
  • windsurf rental gear

Do you want to improve your windsurfing skills AND experience this at one of the most famous windsurf spots in the world? Than this clinic might be something for you.

The wind blows on average around 25 knots and there is pretty much all year round wind in Jeri, especially in the winter months. There can roll in some nice swell too in november and december, never very powerful but nice waves to play with!

But this clinic is more than just windsurfing, as Jeri has so much more to offer than just windsurfing. A walk on the dune, surfing in the morning, supping in a river mouth, a yoga session with sunrise, some dancing on a rooftop with sunset.

Jeri is almost at the equator line and it’s very hot and sunny. Every day at 6 pm the sun goes does down and almost everyone enjoys watching the sun setting in ocean with a cocktail or refreshing drink after a great day on the water. Jeri is unique. The vibrant cosmopolitan ambience of this small town, with cosy restaurants, charming hotels, streets of sand, and the cultural mix of residents, from local fisherman to people from all the continents makes it a place people want to come back to every year.

Jericoacoara is a National Park, the contact with nature is very intense, mixing views of sand dunes, palm trees, lagoons, impressive rocky monuments.

Do you like to wake up with an amazing Brazilian breakfast with fresh fruit juices, fruits, home made cakes, eggs, pancakes and typical Brazilian ‘pao de queso’?