windsurf Clinics & Retreats


Would you like to improve your windsurfing skills? Do you want to nail that jibe, improve your stance, or do you want to feel more confident on the water?  Share your passion, have an amazing experience and make new friends ? Join me in one of my clinic’s all over the world or at one of my clinic’s in Holland.

I am Vice World Champion Freestyle Windsurfing and I competed in all three disciplines of the PWA World Tour (freestyle, wave and slalom) so I can call myself a good allrounder in windsurfing.  I did all my windsurf instructor courses many years ago and over the years I gained a lot of experience in teaching.  So whether you want to learn the basics, make your first steps in proper waves or just want to get a lot of speed; I can help you with it.

 Besides windsurf instructor I am also a yoga and breathwork teacher so if you are into yoga make sure to check my combo yoga & windsurf retreats! 




Upcoming Clinics