Time for an update as i’m having a day off!

Unnecessary to say that time has gone fast since i’m here as it’s always nice to go back in Fuerteventura! The wind has been a bit lighter than i’m used from this windy island, the first week of my stay there were even quite some days without any wind. But i was quite happy with that as I needed to have some more rest for an injury in both my arms that i got during my last trip and it’s always hard not to go sailing when it’s windy so it’s better if there is no choice sometimes!

I was staying with three Dutch windsurf friends of me who where on a windsurf holiday with a big group of friends. We had some great sessions together and it was really nice to actually live with other Dutch people in a house and speak Dutch the whole day, couldn’t remember the last windsurf trip i did with only living with Dutch people!

Sadly enough they were leaving after a week and i had to look for other people that wanted me in their house! I’m now living with two good Swiss friends of me, up at the hill right in front of Center one with a great sea view. Way too posh but very nice 🙂

We have been sailing mainly at Center two. Normally train a lot at Center one to practice for the competition but the conditions were too amazing to withstand! Small ramps with flat water in between, perfect for air flaka’s, ponches, forward loops..! Think i have had quite a lot of sessions with just doing those three moves, there are no moves that give a better feeling!! But sailing has been going really well actually (i thought as i always write when im having moments where im struggling a bit i might as well say it when it’s actually going great! ) I have landed some new moves; grubby on my wrong tack, air flaka’s and double spock *although that was a lucky shot* and it’s just been so nice sailing with so many friends all the time. Think that helps me pushing myself so much as well.

Only 8 days left till the competition begins. Normally we start before the kite and slalom, but this time the freestyle competition is up last. From tomorrow on i will go to Center one every day to have one session there to get used to the conditions, and one other session just to have fun at Center two! Hopefully the wind will get a bit stronger and it would be even better if the waves will get a bit bigger too but we’ll see what Fuerteventura will bring.

Don’t have so many pic’s yet, think i will make some more this week and if we have enough time my friend Maeli and i will try make a short clip as well from some sessions here.



     still trying shaka’s….nothing to say about them! 
  Arriving with more than 150 KG of luggage…..


I will add some lifestyle photo’s soon…have to upload them from my phone and i forgot to bring a cable to the coffee bar with internet