Out of the game..:(

So…I barely want to write it down as the thought of really not being in Fuerteventura right now while the competition is on and the wind is blowing is such a sad thing! Monday, the day before the event started i had a little warm up session in the afternoon. I was taking it easy for a few days already as i always like to be rested before the competition but just wanted to check out the conditions at the competition area a bit better. It was gusty and i was really overpowered, so i changed down from 4.0 to 3.7 and had another go. Together with Oda i went out a bit further and saw a perfect ramp for a ponch. I was landing them very consistent at center two for the past weeks and was able to do some at the competition area as well so I thought it would be good to keep practicing them for during my harder heats.

But unfortunately my landing went wrong as my front foot got out of the strap and landed sideways on the board which made my ankle flip to one side..i felt an incredible pain and heard something tearing apart. I knew i was out of the game straight away, it was just too painful to be a small injury that can heal in a day.

Went to a doctor, they made some photos and it wasn’t broken but the ligaments of my ankle are torn. Not sure yet if they are completely torn or a bit, have to wait till the swelling goes down to find out.

It was such bad timing just a day before the start of the event, and i was so much looking forward to competing and i felt very ready for it after training in Fuerteventura for three weeks. But i guess its part of the game when you are doing sports at a high level and you want to push yourself. So I’m going to focus on a fast recovery and a strong come back!

For now i’m sitting in Amsterdam with my leg up, watching the life stream which is a crazy feeling seeing all my good friends and the girls competing while i’m normally part of it. But i must say it’s a lot of fun to watch and to hear Bubble and Max just talking a lot.

Thanks so much for all your help to all of you in Fuerte, i had such a great time and hope to see you all next year! FV14_ls_Arrianne_Aukes FV14_ls_Bad_luck_for_Arrianne 6136915dac0146b67d3cb8dccf2cc11earrianne-aukes-3-400x400                                                              a forward during one of my heats last year