PWA Brouwersdam day five


After a few days of waiting with no wind at all, the wind kicked in on Tuesday and became stronger and stronger during the day!

I had some good heats on 4.0, but after those heats the wind became stronger and in my heat against Yoli de Brendt it was so strong that i had to be on my 3.4. Never sailed with such a small sail in a freestyle competition before! It was tough to land moves in such extreme conditions and i didn’t sail my best. But when i came in i heard it was a really close heat, and we had to wait more than ten minutes for the result as they had to recount a few times..but in the end Yoli advanced and i was up in the losers final against Olya Raskina. I managed to win that heat so became third in the first single elimination.

Today we had the chance to finish the double elimination that they started with yesterday. The wind was really light today but we just had enough wind to run a heat with the big sails. I had a nice heat against Olya Raskina, and was up against Yoli again! The wind was even lighter during that heat but we still managed to plane enough to run the heat. It was not easy to land moves but after the first minutes  i got the feeling and sailed well! Which means…back in second place!! Really really happy with this.

After this heat the wind dropped even more, which made it not possible for me and Sarah to sail the winners final. Let’s see what the wind brings tomorrow to finish the double elimination.

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