Second Place!!

Saturday was the last day of the PWA Worldtour in the Netherlands with a fleet of 16 girls and I managed to become second again! This also makes me vice world champion 2013 as this was the last stop of the women freestyle tour!!! Can’t quite believe it yet, so happy!

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It has been a great week. The forecast didn’t look so good at the beginning of the week, but the weather changed completely and we
have had some big storms, strong winds and in the end more than four days of wind.
During the single elimination in the beginning of the week, i had a close heat against Yoli de Brendt but with a 2:1 choice in her favor from the judges, s I lost and had to sail the losers final against Olya Raskina to get in third place. I won this heat and became third, which i was not unhappy about but I knew I could do better so I was hoping for more wind
the upcoming days.


Luckily we had some more wind and during the double elimination  i had the chance to fight my way back up! I sailed a really good heat against Yoli and had to face Sarah Quita in the finals. Unfortunately the wind died so we had to wait again to finish the last heat of the double eliminaton. Next morning at the first possible start we had to sail the final, and although I knew I couldn’t beat Sarah, I was really happy with my heat in the final. I sailed a good heat which made me happy!
On the last day of the competition the wind was so good that they wanted to finish another single/double elimination for the girls. Due to lack of time they released the man for another single/double. We started with
the single elimination and after climbing my way up in the ladder i finally had to meet Yoli again. This time we had to sail with our biggest sails instead of the storming wind from the days before but I won the heat again and made it in to second place for the single elimination. Unfortunately the wind dropped after the single which made it impossible to finish another double, so with my second place in the double and the second single my overall result from this event was second place.


I’m really happy with my result, it was great to have an event in own country with a lot of support from friends and family!
Got some nice coverage in the Dutch newspapers, one article in the biggest national paper ‘De Telegraaf’ and also an article in the ‘Leewarder Courant’, a paper from the North of Holland.