North team rider

Very happy to become one of the International team riders from North Sails. Check out my profile and and a little interview at their website. You can also visit their website to see their other team riders and equipment 😉




Nickname Ari
Sailnumber H131
DOB 01/10/1986
Birthplace Holland
Currently living in Living out of my suitcase! Right now I’m in Holland for two weeks, just came back from two months in Brazil and then flying to Cape Town.
Current car Don’t have a car at the moment, very lucky to be able to use the camper van of my parents when I’m at home
Started Windsurfing in I was eight years old when I had my first try in windsurfing. Since that moment I was sailing every summer holiday and in weekends with my family but it was only in 2008 when I went to Brazil for a surf trip that I found out about freestyle and I really got hooked to windsurfing.
People you like to sail with I love sailing with others, it’s so much more fun and with freestyle sessions we use to watch and help each other a lot as well, so it’s also very useful.  There are too many people to name but it’s great sailing with my family and friends when I’m home.
Favourite spot Jericoacoara in Brazil / Sorobon in Bonaire
Favourite food I love all fresh and healthy food!
Favourite magazine All kind of magazines; Surf / Yoga / Food / Health
Hobbies SUP, yoga, running, snowboarding, reading
Pets I think as long as I’m traveling so much its not possible to have pets
Favourite music I like all type of music, it depends a lot on my mood and moment of the day!
Web site
Results 5th overall PWA freestyle 2015
Dutch Wave champion 2015
3rd PWA Bonaire freestyle 2014
Vice World Champion overall PWA freestyle 2013
2nd PWA freestyle Fuerteventura 2013
2nd PWA freestyle Netherlands 2013
9th PWA wave Tenerife 2013
3rd overall PWA freestyle 2012
3rd PWA freestyle Fuerteventura 2012
4th PWA Bonaire freestyle 2011
6th PWA Aruba freestyle 2011
5th PWA Fuerteventura 2011
5th overall PWA freestyle 2011
Dutch freestyle champion 2011
9th PWA Lanzarote freestyle 2010

Why North Sails

the freestyle sail IDOL.Ltd is ultra light and very neutral which makes it very easy for ducking moves and gives me a lot of control while sailing.

What do you want to be remembered for

For being a happy and nice person and for being a good friend! And maybe for motivating and inspiring other girls and women to push your limits 🙂


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