the love for WING

I am a windsurfer, yes. But I am more than that, I am also Arrianne, a mom, an entrepreneur, an atlete and a SUP-er, WING-er and surfer. Because we can be soooo much more than just one of them, right?!

As watersport lovers we often used to label ourselves as a kiter, windsurfer or surfer. Luckily that has changed the last few years. More and more people started to combine one or two water sports!

I always saw the advantage of doing multiple watersports, as I believe they all helped me to become an even better windsurfer. Surfing and SUP (on a wave) helped me learning a lot about the waves, timing of a wave and how to surf them. SUP is also very good for balance ( I have a small SUP board of 80 liter). Besides that they helped me, it’s also a nice change from the windsurf board!

A few years ago I already got to try foiling. First on a wind surfboard, then regular surf foil and after that with a wing.

Once you know how to use a foil you have the feeling for it. So it didn’t took much tries before I got up on the wing board and was cruising around winging. I got the hang of it more and more! For me it is a perfect combination with windsurfing because it can be done when the wind is too light for windsurfing or when conditions are not great for a wave session with windsurfing (for winging even the smaller swell or not breaking waves are good fun).

As a freestyle windsurfer I couldn’t help myself trying a few tricks, and yes, AGAIN I got hooked to freestyle, this time with a wing in my hands.

As a windsurfer downwinders were never fun. I never understood the joy of downwinders from kiters. But with a wing its SO MUCH fun. Effortless (no need to go upwind) riding wave after wave!

I fell in love with WING-ing! Just as with windsurfing it gives me an adrenalin rush, makes me be in the moment and gives me the feeling of being alive 🙂